The Secret Circle Recap:

So this is my first recap. It’s a little long. Is it just right, considering the show is an hour long? Enjoy! 🙂

The Secret Circle

So, The Secret Circle pilot finally aired last Thursday. Kevin Williamson writer of “The Vampire Diaries”, and every other awesome script he has ever written, wrote it. Bless him, that writing god. Before even deciding to watch it, I was extremely skeptical. I was saying to myself “These promotional photos look way too photo shopped and dorky.” Anyway, whatever Kevin is a part of I’m definitely going to watch. Now I can’t believe I ever doubted Kevin and his writing skills. This show was amazing and it was only the pilot. I’m working on my shrine to Kevin. It’ll include twinkling lights, music and a really big picture of his face. I’ll stop before this gets creepy…

(Or stalker-ish. Judge it however you want.)

So I actually got to watch TSC three days early because iTunes was promoting it. I was like “THIS IS SO ILLEGAL!!” since it was the whole episode but it wasn’t and I took advantage of it being free.

Okay, it’s 9:00. The very beginning has creepy music. Not just music, but a child singing quietly. Seriously I hate that. Creepy children are just… creepy. Finding a nightlight as we speak.

I must say any CW show has the BEST music. So much love for the song while Cassie is driving in the middle of nowhere. That always turns out great. 17-year-old girls are always the ones that are goners. *Insert creepy axe murderer here*

Suddenly an obnoxious driver honks and drives around Cassie. Right after that, her tire blows. The nice man drives off instead of helping her. People these days. Cassie calls her mom and tells her she has a flat and will be home soon. While her mom is cooking, the crazy driver pulls up at Cassie’s house and gets out. It’s none other than Gale Harold. *Swoon*

So I’m sitting there yelling at my TV, comments like: “You’re pretty!” “I love you!”

Charles, which is Gale Harold’s character in the show, steps out and walks over near the window to watch while Amelia, Cassie’s mom cook. Charles empties a bottle of water on the ground. (How stupid. Children in Africa could use that, buddy.) After he dumps the water out, the sink breaks and water goes everywhere in the kitchen. This is going to be a rough night for mommy. I suddenly realize Mr. Charles is not a nice man. Then he takes out a pack of matches and lights one on fire. The stove then begins to catch on fire. BAD, GALE HAROLD! You are supposed to stand there and look pretty. Charles then sets the rest of the matches on fire and blows up the house. Adios Mama.

Then we see Cassie driving off somewhere a month after her mom died and all I want to sing is “To Grandmother’s house we go”. She finally reaches her grandma’s and gets settled in. I’m feeling a very “Charmed” Halliwell house vibe. Where’s the Book of Shadows? Later, when Cassie is preparing for bed, her grandma says “if you have trouble sleeping, your mom used to count the stars.” Cassie looks confused. Am I the only smart one that thought of those little green glow stick stars we had when we were little? No? Okay. Something tells me these stars mean something symbolic or of high importance. The next day Cassie goes to school and the principal tells Cassie that she and her mom were great friends a long time ago.

“I bet she didn’t talk about me much?” she asks. Cassie tells her that her mom didn’t really talk about her old life. I have a feeling that this lady will hold some personal grudges against Cassie just because her mom walked up and left. The principal smiles too much. That’s WARNING SIGN: NUMERO UNO.

Later, Cassie attempts to find and open her locker. She sees a guy staring at her from the other side of the hall. Is he a really hot potential stalker boy with eyeliner? Or ya know, maybe he’s born with it. Anyway, he pulls an Edward Cullen and runs away. Only then does Cassie fail at opening her locker and two girls come out of nowhere. They basically tell her she’s pretty and point out that she’s new and smile. These girls are on my invisible hit list. I already don’t like them. The whole “Don’t judge a book by its cover…” yeah, that’s being thrown out the window. Then creepy girl tells her to try her lock again and leaves. The lock magically opens. No pun there, really. That’d be cheesy. OH LOOK, it’s Harvard girl! I mean, Diana, AKA the principal’s niece. She smiles a lot too. Like Mother, like Niece. Diana tells Cassie that the girl was named Faye and that she was the daughter of the principal. This family is already weird. This set aside, I actually like Diana.

She tells Cassie to meet at the “Boathouse Grill”. It’s like the aquatic sister of the Mystic Grill! Cassie arrives at the Boathouse Grill and then a guy comes up behind her and asks her “You’re Amelia’s girl?” It was more of a statement, like he was probably that stalker crush that followed her mom everywhere when they were little. Then he tells her that he was in love with her mother. See? Stalker. Then cute eyeliner boy interrupts and we find out it’s his dad, Ethan, and that daddy dearest is played out to be the town drunk. Oh Kevin Williamson, its Alaric’s secret brother, isn’t it? Eyeliner boy introduces himself as Adam. Adam sits Cassie down while he goes and gets her a menu. As Adam leaves, Faye and her BFF sit down.

(I think this town is full of stalkers.)

She then starts getting annoying and personal and says to Cassie, “He (Adam) really does go for the sad, delicate types.” Cassie tells Faye she’s not feeling too delicate, leaves. Faye just has this dumb look on her face. “EPIC FAIL” needs to be stamped on her forehead. The lovely and awesome Faye sets Cassie’s car on fire with her brain and locks the doors. Adam rushes out and tries to get Cassie out of the car but he can’t open it. Adam stares at the fire with his eyes and it magically goes out and he saves Cassie and carries her out of the car. Right then and there I ship Adam and Cassie. Now I need a tree to write their names in a heart that says: “Cassie and Adam 4EVR”

Also, where can I start a petition that says: DOWN WITH FAYE?

Adam and Cassie share personal lovely “Thanks for saving me” words and they’re just chilling out on the back of Adam’s jeep. I just want to run to him and yell “LET ME LOVE YOU!” Then Diana interrupts my happy moment. Diana and Adam let Cassie know they’re dating. By kissing on each other’s faces. Okay, I hate pretty Harvard girl (not really). Diana then tells Adam to take Cassie home. I’m secretly hoping they inappropriately make-out in the drive way. But no, they drive home and give longing looks. Have I mentioned they’ve known each other for 8 hours? Yeah, I don’t care either. Adam tells her that he and Diana have been dating for three years. MOVE ON BUDDY, YOU’RE A TEENAGER. DON’T BE ALL LOVEY DOVEY, COMITTMENT! THAT’S NOT A NATURAL TEENAGE BOY THING!

The next day Cassie goes into town looking for her grandma. Instead she runs into a man. It’s none other than Charles. (AKA THE MAN WHO KILLED YO MOMMA, woman.) Then we find out its Diana’s dad. OH SNAP. Then Diana says that she can help Cassie and takes her on a little trip into the woods. I wouldn’t follow her into the woods. Then they come up to a creep old house. Ditch her and run, Cassie. A group of people, which consists of Adam, Diana, Faye, creepy window boy and Faye’s BFF, Basically they tell her she’s a witch. They say she is the 6th person. She completes the circle. Hence the name of the show. She then runs away into the woods. Then pretty Adam follows her to stop her and calm her down. Adam then shows her that she’s a witch. They make all the little dew drops float and I feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside now. Oh, and they almost make-out. (YAY)

But then runs away. Boo. Cassie then heads back to The aquatic Mystic Grill and asks Ethan why her mom left. Ethan tells her that “Our families are aligned in the stars. Just like you and Adam are.” He won’t tell her what it means. I get it. It’s obvious. They’re SOUUULLL MATEEESS. *puppy dog eyes* Cassie gets upset about why her mom didn’t tell her anything. Cassie runs out of the restaurant. We see Faye walking to the end of the dock and turns off all the dock lights and she makes a huge thunderstorm. Diana tries to stop Faye but then a lightning bolt hits Diana. Great job Faye, you just got your cousin shocked. Is this girl stupid? Faye tries to stop the storm but she can’t. Cassie then comes in like Zeus and stops the storm by simply saying “make it stop”.

Cassie is the bomb. That is all.

Later after Cassie gets home we see Ethan (at the bar, where else?) and Charles comes in. He threatens Ethan saying if he keeps talking, it’ll cost him. “What would happen if you fell off that dock out there? You’d drown. No one would find your body for days.” Charles then uses his epic magic powers and literally makes Ethan choke on his own water… or alcohol, I’m guessing. He says that if Ethan says anything else, he’ll kill him. Happy Thursday, Ethan!!!!

Later that night, Cassie’s grandmother informs her that she has a visitor. It’s none other than my new TV boyfriend. I mean, Adam!!! Adam comes to apologize to Cassie, and that he’s also sorry he tried to kiss her. (And that he’s happily in love with Diana. Loser.) “It can’t happen again.” YES IT CAN. I have no morals. Kiss him, Cassie.

We see Auntie Principal and Charles making their evil plan at Casa de EVILLL. They want Cassie for something. Apocalypse time, maybe?

At the end of the episode, Cassie is sitting in bed and part of the fireplace pokes out (not creepy). Cassie opens it and inside is a notebook, it was her moms. It has a note in it saying that “If you’re reading this, then I’m dead. People will want to hurt you. BLAH BLAH BLAH.” She’s warning her that she’s extremely powerful, and that “I should have told you.” Great job mom, she feels so comforted by this letter.

End scene with creepy children music again. Is this going to happen every week? Joy.

So this pilot was amazing. I will definitely watch it every week. I can’t wait to see how they go on with the story. At this point I have no predictions of what will happen. A+ Kevin. You are awesome.

3 thoughts on “The Secret Circle Recap:

  1. You my dear are a fabulous recapper! Stalking is always an approved activity and I fully support any swoonage over Gale Harold. I mean, come on, he’s like Elijah but a witch. Made of win and frosting.
    Some of my favorite comments included: *Insert creepy axe murderer here*
    “Charles empties a bottle of water on the ground. (How stupid. Children in Africa could use that, buddy.)”
    “the “Boathouse Grill”. It’s like the aquatic sister of the Mystic Grill!” I will automatically be Team anyone who works at a Grill.
    ” YES IT CAN. I have no morals. Kiss him, Cassie.” I AGREE!!! Even though I like Diana. Who needs morals at 17?!

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