The Secret Circle: “Bound” Recap

The Secret Circle

Alright! So last week we learned about Cassie and how she’s a witch and that her mom wanted to protect her from all the witchy stuff. But ya know, it didn’t work. Go figure. Somewhere her mother is hitting her head on a wall repeatedly in heaven.

The very first thing we see is Cassie reading over that stupid “People want your power, they’re coming after you. SORRY I DIED. LOVE YOU BUNCHES! XOXO!” letter again. Seriously, this woman has scarred her child and it wasn’t even intentional.

Cassie then decides after reading her mother’s book of shadows, to try and light a candle on fire with her brain. She says “Give me light!” and stares at it. If that candle could talk, it would just be laughing at her right about now. After a few failed attempts, she tries it one last time. The candle still doesn’t light up. Instead, the curtains open and lots of sunlight pours in. Voila! She isn’t a dud witch. She stares at amazement and then cut to the opening credits and CUE THE CREEPY INTRO MUSIC! (I’ll never recover from this song.)

Next we see that window stalker boy aka Cassie’s neighbor aka Nick Armstrong just got cozy with Melissa, Faye’s BFF. Oddly enough that’s not a shocker. They both bug me. She’s needy and insecure, and he’s just cocky and all about his self-appearance. I probably will end up liking Melissa though. She needs to stop being Faye’s sidekick and be herself. Anyway, while Nick and Melissa get ready for school he peeks in on Cassie (again for the what, third time in two episodes?)

This guy is so not subtle.

Anyway he flexes every ab and face muscle he has and fails to be attractive. (Team Adam and his eyeliner foreverrrr!!) Cassie has the same reaction to his face as I do and tries to magically close the curtains. Once again she fails the first two times. The third time she yells “Close! NOW!” and she breaks stalker boys window. A+ Cassie.

Back at the Aquatic Mystic Grill, Adam asks his dad what’s up with Charles and their constant bickering (And making Ethan drown on his own drink.). He’s basically saying “Don’t ruin my relationship with Diana. K, BYE!”

Later, we see Faye leaving for school. When she opens the door it’s none other than Mr. Rogers. Okay, it’s her granddaddy in a vest, polo shirt combo. Close enough. “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood, Would you be mine? Could you be mine?”

Next evil mommy principal aka Dawn, has a talk in Casa de EVILL with Mr. Rogers. I wondered why she called him by his first name instead of “Dad” but it’s her father in law aka Henry. Makes a lot more sense. I bet she’ll kill him!!! She has that look on her face like: “I hate you.” Mommy Principal tells him he’s welcome to stay as long as he likes. He then responds: “It’s my home, I can stay as long as I like.”


Cassie heads to school and is power walking down the hallway. Then some girl named Sally Matthews just jumps into step next to her and smiles and says “Hi!” all chipper like. I have some problems with this girl:

  • One: It’s 2011. No one is named Sally in this decade. It’s not a common name. (Sorry if your name is Sally.)
  • Two: Sally is so going to die soon. She’s too nice and Cassie and she are now going to be great friends.
  • Three: Oh and she’s Class President and in charge of the school fair. Yep, she’s a goner.

Sally convinces Cassie to go to the fair. Faye interrupts and steals Cassie away from Sally. She apologizes (not very convincingly) about creating the huge thunderstorm on the dock. Faye then mentions if Diana asked Cassie if they’d talked about “Binding the circle”. Faye says that Cassie should tell Diana no to binding the circle. Faye wants her own individual power. Cassie tells Faye off and I want to give her a huge slow building clap.

Then Cassie heads to her Chemistry class. While starting up her lab project Faye and Melissa do a little magic and make their beaker of water bubble and boil. Well, that’s one way to get the time to pass by in class. To have some more fun they make Cassie’s beaker start to boil and then it explodes. Thank goodness for those ugly safety goggles. Cassie becomes mad and makes Faye’s beaker explode and catch on fire. Cassie’s brain magical powers FTW! Cassie freaked out, runs into the hallway and Adam follows her and tells her that he can help her control her magical probs.

Adam and Cassie then head over to the creepy killer abandoned house to work on controlling her magic. Adam tells Cassie the story of how all six of them have had a parent die, the original circle, because they didn’t bind the circle and their magic got all wacky. Binding it is the only way they can utilize their power & keep it controlled. Adam then shows Cassie how to control her power. Adam tells her to use a cable, a light bulb and try to light it up by herself. While giving longing looks and almost kissing each other… again, Cassie lights up the light bulb so much from staring at Adams face, it explodes from so much magic and heat. After declaring “This was a bad idea!!! Oops almost kissed your non-available self, I’ve know you for a week.” She runs off.

We see Mommy principal checking out some cool stuff at some lame booth at the fair and her stalker dad in law, aka Mr. Rodgers comes up behind her at the fair. He tells her that Charles threatened Ethan. Saying that “How could Charles harm Ethan?” They have no powers. Daddy in law’s circle took their powers away when they were younger. Dawn tells Henry the doppelganger of Mr. Rogers, that she’ll do anything to keep Faye safe. Later, she has a secret meeting with Charles and he gives the magical mini rock to Dawn for safe keeping.

Later Cassie heads over to the aquatic Mystic Grill and asks Ethan what he meant the other night about “Our families are aligned in the stars.” He averts the question by kind of answering it. He just said that every time he was around Cassie’s mom, she made him smile, and he was happy as he could ever be. (EXCUSE US! WE NEED A BOX OF TISSUE AND A PUPPY TO HUG.)

Later, Cassie and Adam talk about how “We were just trying to control your magic with our lips Yeah? Diana’s okay with it.” About 20 feet away Diana is glaring at the back of Cassie and Adam’s heads. Faye doesn’t help the cause by saying “You’re so close to losing him.”

Okay, can I point out that Adam and Cassie are basically sitting on both sides of the bench? They’re not linking arms and saying “You’re cute! No you’re cuter!!!” They can’t be any farther apart.

Later Cassie heads to the Fair, where we see Faye being all flirty with Nick and Melissa gets jealous. Faye is oblivious, or maybe not as much as I think. Who knows? Later as Cassie is about to go find Sally, Faye blocks her and gets all annoying and obnoxious. She starts another stupid storm and Cassie tries and makes her stop. Sally comes in all innocent trying to steal Cassie away and have some carnival fun and Faye ends up power pushing Sally into the rocks off the dock and killing her. BRILLANT, lady. Faye’s mom uses the magical stone and brings Sally back to life. YAY!! Sally lives to see another day.

After the fair, Dawn comes home and Mr. Rogers finds out that not only is Charles evil, so is his daughter-in-law. He then tells her he is going to take the rock away and foil their plan. Party crasher. GOSH. EVILLL principal then uses the rock and says “It’d be a shame if you had another heart attack.” She then uses the rock and kills him with a heart attack. That cold, evil lady.

Later, Adam meets up with Cassie and convinces to let him give her a ride. As soon as she’s in the car, the streetlamp light bulb above them explodes. WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO START DATING??

Diana and the rest of the gang all head off to the lake to bind their magic as one. They read a few words from her dead mommy book of shadows and then BOOM the big bon fire they have going on, blows up a little and apparently their powers are all connected.

End this week’s episode. CUE THE CREEPY THEME MUSIC. Why can’t they have something different? Now I’m going to have to go to bed with that in my head.

Okay, so I LOVE THIS SHOW. It’s awesome. I’ll have to say that the pilot was the BEST. Next week looks really good, so I’m super excited about this whole thing. Lastly, a few things: When will Adam and Cassie ACTUALLY KISS? When will Faye stop being annoying. Will EVILLL principal mommy end up ditching Charles for protecting her daughter. Why is Britt Robertson so awesome?

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