The secret circle update:

Hi guys,
So I have been sick lately and I have had a lot of band competitions over the last few weeks. We had our upper state competition last Saturday and I’m sad to say that on my senior year, we were not able to go on to state. Our show was fantastic and I just didn’t have much time during the last couple of weeks to recap anything or watch all of my shows. School definitely comes first. When I did get to watch TSC episodes, right after Nick was killed off, I wasn’t into the show as much. I have started to find it lacking in plot, characters and just in general. Maybe it’s bad I compare it to other shows. Maybe not. I will continue to watch the secret circle but at this moment, I am not going to recap it. If it keeps going at the horrible rate it’s at and becomes worse, there’s a huge chance I’ll just stop watching. I’m really hoping that it’s just been a few slow episodes and that it will pick up again. I was seriously excited to be recapping this show and letting Melissa put them on her site. Considering that I want to be a journalist for my major in college next summer, I’m really upset with myself that I have to stop recapping. I do not want to be that kid that promises someone something, and then goes back on their word. So, this is just to let you know that for now, I have stopped writing TSC recaps and that I don’t want to, but I just mentally cannot stay with this show and write about it.
Hopefully new recaps to come, from new shows even! 🙂

Also, thank you Melissa for even letting me put my recaps on your site. I love you! 😀 see you in the kiddie pool 😉

Ps- thank you Thomas Galvin for mentioning me in your “show recaps of the week” blog. I may have fan girled.

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