Once Upon a Time 1×15: “Red-Handed”



So it’s that time of the week again. MY FAVORITE DAY: Sunday!!!  Once Upon a Time is on tonight and I’m going to act all cool about it and not post a lot of pretty pictures of Josh Dallas from tonight’s episode in this recap. Just kidding, that’s not fun.

So last week we saw at the end of the episode that Kathryn still wasn’t found and that Emma had to take  (her dad) David to the police station. Um, technically she’s not arresting him. WHY put him in the BACK of the cop car. That’s just wrong lady.

  Now on to tonight’s episode and it starts off with Emma questioning David and asking him to tell her anything that he can think of. David is worried about Kathryn and hopes that she’s in a warm comfy place. Truthfully, I am too. We’ve seen Regina kill Graham (RIP Hottest Sheriff ever) and I wouldn’t put it past her if she tried to kill Kathryn too. David says that he doesn’t know why it says he called Abigail when he knows he didn’t. Emma says that: “Liars have better material.”

I kind of want to hit Emma. A lot. She just told David in the last episode that “I know when someone is lying, and David, he’s not lying.”

 Little Hypocrite. Emma tells him to go home and maybe get a lawyer. Now I noticed something when David leaves Emma’s office. I’ll bring that up in a later part. I feel like a little detective.

Back at Granny’s diner, Ruby is talking to August W Booth and she’s totally into him. They talk about him being in Nepal with Lemurs and give cute little looks and a few hair flips. Ruby says she’s never been out of StoryBrook. I would LOVE for someone to ask the town if they remember their lives. How they got there. How’d they all meet each other. Graham and Mary Margaret didn’t remember when they met exactly. Only that they’ve been really good friends for a long time. Maybe that could jog some memories?

Flash over to fairytale land we see that “Red” aka Ruby and Granny are in their little cottage and Reds boyfriend Peter is being a romantic guy and saying that they should run off together. 

Peter leaves and Granny and Red are met by some of the town villagers saying that they are going to go hunt the wolf. Red wants to help go hunt the wolf and Granny says no because she knows she wants to run off with Peter. Granny tells Red that they have to lock up the house and while Ruby sleeps, (she has to wear the cloak) she’ll keep guard by the door.

In StoryBrook Ruby is not happy that her Granny is telling her that she needs to start learning the ropes of the Diner, start doing the booking and things like that and working Saturdays. Granny says that Ruby has been acting like a child lately and Ruby says that it’s not true. That she wants a life. “I should be having adventures with Lemurs!!”

 Best. Line. Ever.
 Let’s go Ruby. I always did love watching Zooboomafoo.

 BTW: I’m pretty sure Ruby is wearing about two bump-it’s in her hair, y’all.

Ruby decides to quit and then if flashes off to the fairytale world. We see Red and Granny take all their defense barriers down and Red goes to collect eggs from the chicken coop. Something rustles near the corner and then Snow White pops up. Red decides to take Snow white in and asks Snow White her name. Because she is being hunted by people she calls herself “ Margaret.. no. Mary.”
YOU GUYSSSS… MARY MARGARET!!!??? I love how all the little pieces come together in this show. I geek out.

Before Mary and Red head back to the cottage they go to get some water. While Mary helps pull, Red see’s that the water is blood red. Red keeps telling Mary to come over and look at the water.

Does she not realize that’s blood? Ew.

Mary is frozen in fear from something and then we figure out when Red turns around it all the villagers from earlier the night before that went to hunt the wolf.

Hey look, dis-membered arms and blood … and stuff!!!!!

Back to Storybrook Emma and Mary Margaret are walking in down town talking about Kathryn and if she’s been found. Emma tells her that they still don’t know where she went and that after she gave Mary Margaret a “well deserved slap” she left and that they’re going to look bad until they find out the truth.

Mary Margaret notices Emma’s words and asked her if the slap was well deserved. Emma tells her that it wasn’t well deserved and that’s what a lot of people are going to say about David and MM. Okay, can we form a mini, one week group called: “SHUN EMMA!”

 I don’t care that it’s Mary Margaret’s kid and they’re going to realize it one day and that there’ll be tears and hugs and more tears. But Emma is totally bugging me this week. Maybe when she hangs out with Henry some more again, I’ll be back on her side. She’s dissing my favorite married in another world, couple people.

MM and Emma walk up on Ruby and Dr. Whale (played by David Anders) and he’s offering Ruby a ride out of town. Side note: You can’t leave town fools. I wonder if there’s an actual Barrier? Like, if you run your car at it, you get zapped. Heh.


I tweeted Anders and asked him jokingly what his fairytale character is. Of course he couldn’t say, but we will find out very soon. And I am SO excited, I have no idea who his character will be. Maybe he’ll be Ariel’s husband? Hmm..



Dr. Whale leaves and Ruby tells Emma and MM that she’s off to explore the world.. Or at least go somewhere other than Storybrook.

Mary Margaret being the adorable, generous person that she is, offers Ruby a place to stay at her house for a while. Emma isn’t too excited about the idea but caves anyway. Get over it lady. It isn’t your house. It’s your moms.

Flash over to Fairytale world we see a group of people at a meeting to stop the wolf. Red, Granny, and Mary all come to the meeting. Red see her man and tries to go sit with him but Buzz kill Granny stops her and starts a huge speech about how they shouldn’t go and find the wolf but hide and keep your children inside. Granny actually witnessed her 6 older brothers try and kill the wolf, but it killed them all. The wolf attacked granny and left her with a huge scar on her arm. Later at the cottage Mary tells Red that she knows that she wants to be with Peter. Red asks Mary if she has someone she loves, and Mary says that she doesn’t.



Mary says that it’s wrong for Granny to keep Red away from peter by using the wolf as an excuse. Red thinks that if she can kill the wolf, that she can be with Peter. Mary is not happy with this idea.

In Storybrook Mary Margaret decides to try and find Kathryn or at least look for some clues. While walking in the woods, Mary Margaret hears someone coming only to realize it’s David. And all the fan girls get together on the couch and hope they kiss in the woods. Which would be kind of inappropriate, but no one cares. At all.

When Mary Margaret asks if David is looking for Kathryn he says “I’m looking”

Mary Margaret then says that they’ll keep looking and she’ll stand by David, no matter what.

Then David is still staring off and once again says “I’m looking” and is in a trans of some sort. OKAY, now I am actually rewatching and I realized earlier, right when David walks out of Emma’s office at the beginning of the episode, you see his face goes blank and he then starts his whole trans thing. I just like to point that out and that I am very observant. I feel awesome. HA!

Back to Red and Mary searching for the wolf, they see animal prints in the snow and follow it. Mary Margaret sees animal tracks. Then they suddenly turn into boot prints. This wolf is a werewolf people.

In StoryBrook, Henry is with Ruby at the police station trying to find Ruby a job. Henry mentions a job like a messenger, like “where you deliver stuff to people in a little basket”

This show just casually pops in little related fairytale stuff. I LOVE THEM.

Red and Mary follow the footprints and it leads them back to the cottage up to Ruby’s window. Ruby realizes that Peter is the wolf. Ruby goes and talks with Peter and they decide that they should tie him up to make sure he can’t get out and harm anyone.

Side note: I really do like this Peter guy.

Mary tells Ruby to tell Peter that he is the wolf. That she can save him, and everyone.

Back to Storybrook, Ruby goes to the dinner to get lunch and she tries to show her Granny that she is better off and that she’s “basically a sheriff now” and that she’s happier.

Ruby goes back to the Sheriff’s office and Emma decides to let Ruby help her with David.

Ruby and Emma go searching in the woods and Ruby uses her wolf senses and ends up finding David. When Emma gets her daddy David to wake up, they all realize that he doesn’t remember anything since he left Emma’s office since the night before.

David is an adorable, oblivious, amnesia person.

Emma and Ruby take David to the hospital and Dr. Whale tells them that besides dehydration , and a few scratches, it’s mostly likely still the affects from his coma. David wonders that if he could have made the phone call with out remembering, he could have killed Kathryn. Poor thing. I’ll hug you, really!! It’s no trouble at all.


Anyway, Regina ( speak of the evil little queen herself) comes in and is all like “WHAT’S WRONG WITH HIM!!”


Regina: But I’m still his emergency contact!                                                                  

Audience: burn that emergency contact information sheet, please


Once again, DIEEE REGINNAAA!!!  What?  She makes me violent.

Emma calls Ruby and asks her to go to the Toll Bridge because that’s where David was when they found him originally.

Ruby finds a box and screams. Wonder what’s in the box? Nothing good, obviously.

Off in fairytale world, Mary is caught acting like Red. Granny finds out and tells her that Peter is the wolf and that Red tied him up so he couldn’t kill anyone. Granny is not happy about this new revelation.

We see Peter tied up to the tree yelling at red saying “No, Red! Don’t!”

At first I thought he’s saying “Yo, girlfriend of mine get away before I eat you..”

But no. YOU GUYS. Peter isn’t the wolf!



 Red, the werewolf  lady, eats her boyfriend. Let’s all take a moment to remember him. He was cute.

Granny and Mary try and find Red. Granny tells Mary she can find Red easily because Granny is…was a wolf herself. Her main wolf-ness has basically died off but she still has she smell scenes. They find Red, shoot her, and put the cloak on her. THE CLOAK makes red not change into a wolf. This show is genuisssss. When Red is back in her human form they try to get her away before she realizes that she is the wolf, and ya know, just snacked on her boyfriend. Red sees what happened and realizes she the wolf and soon they hear the angry villagers and Mary gets Red to run off into the woods with her to keep her safe.

Back In Storybrook, Ruby goes back to the diner and apologizes to her Granny and says she wants to come back. Granny told her the only reason she wanted her to learn the ropes of the diner is because one day, when Granny is gone she wants to pass down the restaurant to someone she knows and loves that will take care of the place.

Ruby then hugs Granny and it’s just a huge love-hug palooza.

Meanwhile, over in the vet’s office of distraught pretty people, David is freaking out about him possibly killing Kathryn. Mary Margaret tells David that there has to be a good explanation for everything. David replies that it’s most likely not a good one.

Before MM and David can finish their conversation Emma walks in and talks with them. Emma tells Mary Margaret and David that they found a heart in a box and they think it’s Kathryn’s. Of course David starts crying. And then my soul starts crying along with David. It’s not right to make that man cry.  Emma tells them that they found finger prints on the box. David being the sad, noble little man he is, immediately tells Emma to arrest him.


Emma quickly says that the finger prints weren’t his. They were Mary Margaret’s.



Emma: *awkwardly shuffles feet* Sorry! got to take you in lady, you look really guilty MM…                                     

MM: But im too nice to go to jail. I AM YOUR MOTHER. You’ll find out in about 9 episodes.

David: WUT??? *teary, intense stare*



Lastly I would like to say how much I LOVEDDDD this episode. I also love Meghan Ory so much more than I already did. She’s on my list of: “NEVER KILL OFF!”

I love Ruby and Red and I love the relationship she has with Snow White in Fairytale land.
So I would like to give all the invisible awards and hugs to Meghan this week. She is the bomb.

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