Once Upon a Time 1×16: It’s all because of the curse. Stupid Curse.

Hey everyone! It’s time to recap “OUaT” and I’m super excited. I even get to talk about Charming more than usual. Happy Sunday to me!! Thanks, Writers!! So this week we learn more about Kathryn’s disappearance (sort of) and see more of Evil Regina! Let’s start!

Okay to start off this week, we see Red and Charming together and the king’s men are still hunting down Charming for running off to find Snow instead of marrying Abigail. Charming tries to get Red to go with him but Red tells him to go find Snow and that’s all that matters. Red tells him that she’s giving him a headstart, Red then wolfs out and attacks the kings men like the Gangster awesome werewolf she is.

 I also promise I’ll never use the term “Gangster” again. I’ll only say it if i’m talking about Meghan Ory or Red/Ruby.  Heh.

Flash off to Storybrook, we see that Emma arrested Mary Margaret and is taking her mug shot. Hey look she has an adorable mug shot! Along with everyone else, Mary Margaret is asking Emma if she really has to arrest her and treat her like this. Emma tells her that if she doesn’t do sheriff protocol, it’ll look like favoritism. Which yeah, it would be. We don’t care, lady. Show some! Emma then tells MM that she has to ask her a few questions. Mary Margaret and Emma don’t look too happy.

Off in fairytale land, we see Snow cleaning her room, humming, and all the woodland creatures come out to play. Kidding, but she does have a little bird friend. All of a sudden Snow tries to hit the bird with the broom and calling it vermin. Grumpy comes in wondering why Snow is abusing animals. Oh hey! Remember that potion that Rumplestiltskin gave Snow a few episodes back to forget her heartbreak and forget Charming? Well, not only did it make her not miss him, it made her violent and really snarky.

Side note: I like the “Snow White” bow they put in Ginny’s hair. The fact that her hair is a bushy mess and she’s acting deranged is hilarious. Totally the opposite of the childhood Snow White we all know. Snow is also extremely sassy and snarky in tonight’s episode. Who loves Ginny Goodwin? ME.

Grumpy, Jiminy Cricket, and the rest of the dwarf gang decide to have a Snow-vention.

They try to get Snow to remember how good and decent she is and that she’s being a mean little person. Snow White really doesn’t care. BAD POTION!

Over in Storybrook, not only does Emma question Mary Margaret, Regina does. SOMEONE get her out of that room. Whether it is MM or Regina.  Emma asks MM some questions and she is blunt about her relationship and doesn’t deny she and David were going on secret dates and stuff. SHE’S BECOME SO SNOW WHITE LIKE, UPFRONT AND NOT ALL MOUSY. ME LOVES MARY MARGARET.  Technically Snow and MM are the same person but they’re all working on becoming their old selves and ya know, actually know WHO they are. Basic every day stuff.

Emma shows MM a box and asks her if she’s seen it. MM tells her that yes she’s seen it, it’s her jewelry box. HOMEGIRL IS BEING SET UP BY REGINA. GET RID OF HER.

Regina then grasps Mary Margaret’s hand and is trying to be soothing and tells her that maybe losing David changed her. Regina said herself that she lost someone close to her and that changed her into a different person. Well, lady, if you didn’t stab your dad and kill your husband ON PURPOSE maybe you wouldn’t be alone in life and an uptight evil queen mayor. MM tells her that she’s still the same person. Um, Regina is an awkward person. She doesn’t need to hug anymore or try and hold hands and sing “Kumbaya” with Mary Margaret.

Regina asks that if the box is Mary Margaret’s, then why wasn’t there a sign of a break in? Maybe Regina, you and your ten thousand keys of death and doom had something to do with it?

Over in fairytale world we see Snow attack a one of Regina’s men on a horse. She asks him where she is but he says he isn’t going to tell her. Snow gets dirty and brings out the heavy evil tools. A diamond cutting axe that is. She threatens him and he gives up the information that she’s at her castle for the night. Snow tells him that the castle was made for her mother and out of anger smashes the guys head.

Grumpy finds Snow in the woods and tries to convince her not to kill the queen and think about what she’s doing. Grumpy tells Snow that he’s going to take Snow back to Rumple to get her old self back.

In Storybrook Emma is inspecting the door to see if there was any sign of a break in. Henry pops up and says he wants to help show that Mary Margaret is innocent. Henry mentions that his mom hates snow white and that’s an obvious motive wanting to frame her. While talking to Henry something rattles in the heating vent and Emma pulls out something wrapped up. After she pulls it out, we see that it’s a huge knife. Uh-oh.

Henry, sad about Mary Margaret being framed, heads to the dinner and gets some hot chocolate. August Booth pops up and talks to Henry. He says that he wants to get people to believe, mainly Emma. August tells Henry that unlike them, they go on faith and believe things but Emma goes on real proof. Henry says that last time he tried to find proof, he ended up getting trapped in a sink hole. August tells him that there are less dangerous ways to find proof and that maybe he can start with the book. August tell him that he knows that the storybook isn’t just a book. I actually think that August wants to help. I’m not really getting a creepy evil vibe or that he wants to sabotage anything. Usually people I like in shows die or turn evil. We’ll see. But he looked generally willing to help Henry.

Off in the snowy fairytale woods, Charming is trying to find Snow and comes up on the guy Snow White attacked earlier. The man tells charming Snow attacked him, and that she’s blood thirsty and a killer. Charming says that she’s not; she wouldn’t do something like that. He tells Charming that he obviously doesn’t know her well enough.

In Storybrook, we see Regina in her office peeling an apple, because no one does that. You just eat the apple. At least get a  peeler that peels for you. Geez.

David comes into Regina’s office to talk to her and saying that he knows MM is innocent. Maybe, if he can remember what happened during his blackouts, he can help MM.

Regina says that just because MM doesn’t look like a murderous, evil person doesn’t mean she isn’t capable of killing Kathryn. 

NO REGINA. I hate you. Mary Margaret didn’t do anything. Can you go away? Go peel your little apples, you apple peeler, evil queen.

“Evil doesn’t always look evil. Sometimes, it’s staring right at us. And we don’t even realize it.”



Over at the police station, Emma tells Mary Margaret that she found the knife in MM’s heating vent. MM says that she doesn’t even know where her heating vent is and that she thinks Emma doesn’t believe she’s innocent. Emma tells her that she DOES think she’s innocent but that she needs a lawyer. Right then Mr. Gold pops up and offers himself as an option for a lawyer for Mary Margaret.

MM tells Emma that she needs to do her job as the sheriff that she only started like three months ago and prove her innocence while she gets help from Mr. Gold.

Off in Rumplestiltskin’s castle, Grumpy and Snow visit him. Grumpy demands that Rumple change her back to how she used to be. Rumple says that he can’t change her back to how she was. He has never been able to bottle true love. If he could do that, he can do anything. Rumplestiltskin knows that Snow really doesn’t want to get her old self back. She wants to kill the Queen. He gives her a bow and arrow that will make sure it will kill her and a map that shows her where to go.

David stops by Archie’s office to see if he can try and remember what happened during his black outs that will maybe help Mary Margaret.

Back in Fairytale land, Charming bust’s into Rumple’s castle demanding to know where Snow is. Rumple says that of course true loves kiss will break the curse and she’ll be her old self although it’ll be hard to kiss her when she doesn’t love him. Rumple gives Charming a map of where she is but he wants his cloak in return.

Awww you guys, Rumple is madly in love with Charming, too! No one can resist that man’s blue eyes! and when he sword fights holding his baby and looks really hot.

Charming finds Snow in the woods and tries to get her to remember him by kissing her. He says “I told you. I will always find you!”

This doesn’t work, seeing as she smacks him in the head and knocks him out. SAD FACE.

This is messed up. He always is cute when he gets determined and then is like “I will always find youuuu!” How is he rewarded? by his girlfriend knocking him out. I want to hug the poor guy. I think I’ll write a spin off book titled: “Charming: Everyone is out to get him. He just wants his girl!”

Later, we see Henry waiting at Mary Margaret’s and Emma’s place claiming he has proof that Regina is setting up MM. Henry tells her that he found Regina’s keys of Doom and that the book says it’ll open the door. After Henry tries a few keys Emma says that he should just stop. But henry insists that she try just one more key. To Emma’s surprise the door unlocks and opens. Emma is now on team: “ SAVE MARY MARGARET.”

In fairytale world we see Charming wake up from being knocked out. He tries to get up to talk to Snow but finds that she tied him to a tree.


@JLmadridFederer: The swag doesn’t need to be tied to a tree!!!

Charming: Well, at least I still have my charming,  good looks. BUT NOT MY GIRL.  

Snow: [your name is] Charming? I’m beginning to see why I drank that potion.

 Charming tells Snow that true loves kiss should have restored her memories. Snow says it isn’t true love because she doesn’t love him. She then walks away and leaves him tied to a tree like the nice snarky lady she is to go kill the queen.

Off in Archie’s office, he tries to get David to remember what happened during his black outs. David starts to remember something and we see that he remembers SNOW WHITE going to kill the queen. Instead, David, clearly smacked one too many times in the head to realize that MM doesn’t have long hair, it’s not snowing in Storybrook, and people don’t wear cloaks anymore, thinks that it’s Mary Margaret about to kill Kathryn. David runs out of Archie’s freaked out.

In Fairytale land, we see Snow about to kill Evil Queen Regina. When Snow releases her arrow and Charming jumps in front of it before it can reach the Queen and Snow is not happy about this. He says that he would die for her than rather let her heart be filled with Darkness.

 We see some of snow’s evil she’ll break and her saying that she’s never had someone willing to die for her. CUE SINGLE TEAR and she kisses him. She realizes who he is and who SHE is and then I cry tears of rainbows, happiness, and magic.

 After their adorable reunion, the kings men find Charming and Snow and attack and kidnap Charming. And my favorite line of the show Snow yells to Charming: “I will always find you.”


and I’m just like:

Back at the police station David visit’s Mary Margaret. YAY DAVID!

David tells her what he remembers. He stupidly tells her that he thinks she killed Kathryn. BAD DAVID!

Mary Margaret crying, tells him that after everything that happened with David. When everyone thought he killed Kathryn, she stood by him. But David isn’t. She tells him to get out.


Fail, David Nolan. You. Fail.

Mary Margaret looks like a happy crier. Like, she can be crying and yet she’s trying to keep a happy face.

David is an idiot right now. Still love him but dude, seriously you stupid.

Off at the dwarfs house Snow comes back and apologizes to them and they all realize that the old Snow is back and they have an adorable group hug. She tells them that she can’t stay she has to go and find James. Grumpy tells her that she won’t be alone. They’re going to help her get him back.

At the police station Mary Margaret is making up her cell bed (She’s even cute and tidy in her jail cell!) and something drops under the bed. Mary Margaret pulls out one of Regina’s key of doom and finds out that the key unlocks the cell door.



Mary Margaret hears someone coming and quickly locks the door and hides the key.  Emma brings food and saying that the she believes she’s being framed and Regina’s behind it. And that’ll she’ll have to be smart to expose Regina.

Emma goes over to Mr. Gold to ask him to help her. Even though she doesn’t approve of his methods, she approves of the results. Operation: “Save Mary Margaret” is a go.

In Rumplestiltskin’s castle, we see him looking at Charming’s cloak for a piece of his hair for his new Charming shrine in his closet and puts it in the bottle with Snow White’s hair. Then the hairs join together and now Rumple has every potion and is all powerful. How exactly would you take that potion? Gross.

Like: “Here’s some hair! YAY TRUE LOVE, MAGIC, AND RAINBOWS!!!”

Off at the police station, we see that Mary Margaret’s cell is empty. YAY. BE FREEEEE!



(Not my pictures. I also don’t claim them as mine. But they’re pretty awesome.)


 The preview for next week we see that the Mad Hatter has drugged Emma and Kidnapped her and possibly Mary Margaret too.


  • What do we think Happened to Kathryn? Is she REALLY dead or is a stunt of Regina’s?
  • Does that Mad Hatter actually know what’s going on in Storybrook?
  • Henry remains to be the only smart one in this show
  • Will David realize that MM is innocent
  • Will Snow find Charming?

 Just because I’m nice and he’s pretty:

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