OUAT 1×17: Hat Tricks … (and kicks)

OUAT Episode 1×17:  “Hat Tricks… and kicks.”



It’s Sunday. That means it’s the best day of the week. Once Upon a Time is on!! Last week we saw that Mary Margaret escaped from her cell and Kathryn’s murder still hasn’t been solved. I loved tonight’s episode but sometime I had no idea if they were before an event happened in fairytale land or after. If anyone has an idea of when the scene took place, comment below!! Also, Sebastian Stan is in this episode. He’s pretty. Also, this week I have Natalie to add her comments about tonight’s episode!

Anddd here we go!

In the woods, we see Mary Margaret escaping (at least she’s a nice innocent fugitive!)  As much as I wanted for her to escape, now she just looks guilty. Prayer circle for Mary Margaret, yes?

Off at the police station, Henry is being adorable and looking at the Fairytale book. Emma and Mr. Gold walk in and Henry tells Emma that she had a great mastermind plan. Henry, not wanting Mr. Gold to hear the plan gives a cute but obvious look of “Go away.” I love this kid.

Henry tells Emma that he’s glad the plan worked and helped Emma escape. Mr. Gold calls Emma into the other room, only to find that Mary Margaret escaped on her own. Emma is not happy. Mary Margaret even though innocent, is now a fugitive. *facepalm*

Emma decides to go try and find Mary Margaret in the pouring rain. While driving down the road, the fog picks up. Because, that’s not suspicious. While Emma is driving a man appears and she almost hits him. She swerves to not hit him and she asks him if he’s okay. She sees he has a sprained ankle and offers to take him back to his house. Jefferson asks what she’s doing out in the woods and says she’s looking for her dog (Mary Margaret, YOUR MOMMY!)

 When Jefferson goes to get in the car we see him go to get in the car and clearly him putting pressure on his foot and walking. Uh oh.

Off in fairytale world Sebastian Stan aka Jefferson graces our screen!! YAY! At first we think he is running away from someone only to realize that he is playing hide and seek with his daughter, Grace. On the way back home, we see that Queen Regina is at their house. Grace asks him if he knows her and he says that he doesn’t and tells Grace to go hide in the woods so he can go find out what she’s doing there. RUN ADORABLE CHILD. QUEEN REGINA IS EVILLLL.

When Jefferson goes inside we clearly can see That Regina and Jefferson DO know one another. I really hope they never dated back in the day. They keep making eyes at each other and getting too close for comfort with their faces.. Don’t kiss that, Jefferson. Ew. (Also, who designs Lana Parrilla’s “Queen” clothes? Please cover her boobs up more.)

Regina wants Jefferson to do something for her and in return, he can give Grace a better, less impoverished life. He says he doesn’t do hat tricks anymore, it cost him his wife and Grace a mom. He says that he’s staying. “You don’t abandon family.” Or stab them to death like Regina did.

Jefferson declines Regina’s offer and tells her to find someone else. Regina gives up and decides to leave.

Emma and Jefferson get to his house and Emma decides to help him inside. He brings in tea and gives her a map to help her find her “dog”. While looking at the map Emma starts to get dizzy and then we see that Jefferson drugged her. DON’T TAKE THINGS FROM STRANGERS EMMA! Didn’t your mom ever teach you- oh… wait.

Emma sees that Jefferson isn’t limping anymore and then she passes out.

In Fairytale world, Jefferson and Grace are in town looking at toys. Grace picks out a little bunny and he doesn’t have enough money to buy it and tries to bargain with the seller lady, but she doesn’t budge. Grace being the cute kid she is, tells him that she doesn’t need to toy. After Grace and Jefferson walks away, we see that the seller lady isn’t just an old hag; she’s really Regina in disguise. HATE HER…

Jefferson back at home fixes up Grace’s old rabbit and has a tea party with her. Um, I’ll marry him. HE’S SO SWEET. He has tea parties with his daughter. *Tears* He tells Graces that she has to go to the neighbors for a while. He decides to do Regina’s dirty work.

Back in Storybrook, Emma wakes up tied up. Obviously having her mom’s genes, smashes the teacup from earlier and gets untied and tries to escape quietly. Seeing as all the windows were locked and wouldn’t open she goes into the hallway and sees Jefferson in another room sharpening scissors.  Emma steps on a creaky floorboard and before Jefferson can find her, she hides in another room. She turns around and finds Mary Margaret tied to a chair.

Natalie: This is traumatic!! Why can’t David save Mary Margaret? Never mind. David might trip and hurt himself with the knife he’d use to free her.

Me: *Lots of screaming tweets…*

Emma gets Mary Margaret untied and asks her what happened. She said that Jefferson grabbed her out of nowhere and took her. MM asks Emma why she’s here and told her that she was looking for her since she escaped. MM told Emma that someone put a key in her cell and that’s how she got out. Emma and Mary Margaret try to escape but Jefferson is one step ahead of them and has a gun with him. He tells her that he found spot and didn’t want anyone to know about Emma going to look for MM. He tells Emma to tie Mary Margaret back up and that he has a job for her. Someone, please hug Mary Margaret.

Back at Queen Regina’s Castle, Jefferson and his box, meet up with her and he tells her that if he does what she wants, Grace will stay safe. Regina agree’s and Jefferson pull out a hat from the box. It’s a magic hat and it starts a portal like thing that Regina and Jefferson jump in. If it isn’t obvious by now, Jefferson is the “Mad Hatter” from Alice in Wonderland. Notice all the Alice themed hates.  Cool. Hehe.

In Jefferson’s mansion, Emma threatens him that if he hurts Mary Margaret, she will kick his pretty little butt and he’ll regret it. Jefferson tells her that he’s saving her life. I hope he went to Charming and Snow’s wedding. He seems nice in Fairytale land.  He tells Emma that they both know what happens when someone tries to leave storybrook, about the curse. Emma and her very bad poker face ask how he knows about the curse. He tells her that for the past 28 years, he’s been stuck in his house until one night, she comes into town and the clock moves and he can leave his house.


How did he live in his house like that? Did someone have to go buy him groceries? Get him new clothes?

I think Jefferson is clearly thinking this right now:


Jefferson the second smart one, next to Henry, tells Emma to wake up and look around. That there is magic in Storybrook, with everyone in some way. He tells Emma to get to work and like the rest of us, wonders what he means. He looks at the hat and now we really know he’s the mad hatter.

Mom: are you sure they’re the same person [Jefferson and the Mad hatter]??

Me: Yes for the tenth time. They have the same hair.

Also, I get he’s a big, bad, mean kidnapper with a gun, but he is really hot and It’s giving me immoral thoughts. Like how I’m kind of hoping Jefferson will kiss Emma. AH OKAY, I’LL STOP. For now.


Regina and Jefferson end up in a room of like ten thousand doors and Jefferson picks the mirror looking door and walks through it with Regina.  You have to have someone with you in order to enter or leave the other realm. Realm sounds geeky. Let’s say… dimensions.

When they both cross over to the other dimension they come encounter with a huge caterpillar. Jefferson then says “I hate wonderland.”

 Yes, we know he’s the mad hatter, writers. This show is about fairytales.

While Emma attempts to make a hat, she slowly puts together that he’s the “Mad Hatter” and says that clearly he’s been reading Henry’s book. That they’re all just stories.

Natalie: Emma, when you’re done making that hat, HOOK YOUR PARENT’S BACK UP.

Jefferson asks Emma if she ever learned about the Civil War in school from a book. How is that any different from Henry’s book? Emma says that history books are based on history. Stories are based on imagination, where does that come from.



“Everyone wants some magical solutions to their problems, and everyone refuses to believe in magic.”


Emma: “This is it. This IS the real world.”

Jefferson: “A real world. How arrogant are you to think that yours is the only one? There are infinite more. You have to open your mind, they all touch one another, each, just as real as the last one. All have rules. Some with magic, some not. Some need magic. Once you finish my hat, I can go home.”

Please, just make his hat, lady and kiss.

In fairytale land, Regina and Jefferson have to get through a maze to get whatever Regina wanted from the Queen of Hearts but can’t touch the sides because they will attack you like the maze in Harry Potter. Regina, with her witch power throws a fire ball so they can just walk straight through. Okay evil props to Regina. Still hate her.

Natalie: I love when this show goes magical power BAMF.

Before leaving the other world, Regina gets some goo off a mushroom and puts it inside the box she took. Soon her father appears and she says that she needed someone to go with her to get her Father. Jefferson yells saying that he promised Grace he wouldn’t leave her. Regina says that then he shouldn’t have left her in the first place. I’d like to say that Regina somewhat looks sad. Not enough where I think she isn’t as evil as we all think, but enough where she cares about family. Regina may kill and lie and erase everyone’s memories and how they have a daughter and are married. Regina leaves with her father and Jefferson is now trapped in Wonderland. The Queens men take Jefferson to the castle to face her.

Also, Regina makes her dad appears from the goo stuff. Is this before or after she stabs him in the castle in like episode 5 or whatever? If you know or have an idea, please tell me. It looks like this is before she kills him.


Regina: You’re right, Jefferson. You don’t abandon family.  (YEAH YOU JUST STAB THEM TO DEATH. RIGHT, REGINA?)

Once at the castle Jefferson comes face to face with the queen herself. He tells her that Regina tricked him and he can’t go back. He came here because of his hat, and now he can’t go back because she took it. The Queen doesn’t like this and tells them to chop off his head.

Don’t chop off his head, he’s too attractive to die!

Jefferson realizes that even though his head is chopped off, he is still alive. The Queens men tell him that he will make a hat, and then he will be able to go home. Jefferson tells them that he can’t make hats like that. The soldier tells him that he can, and he will.

Jefferson: “Without magic, it’s just a hat.” *hums Frosty the Snowman*

Back in Storybrooke, Emma tells Jefferson that she can’t make the hat. He’s not very happy about this and tells him that she CAN. He tells her that he’s been cursed and that what he loves has been ripped from him. He brings Emma over to the window and shows a house where a little girl and her parents are eating dinner. He says that even though he has a nice house, what use is it if he can’t be with his daughter, if she can’t remember their old life together?

Emma realizes why Jefferson wants her to make the hat. Because he wants to take Grace home. She says that if what he’s saying is true, than the woman in the other room is her mother.


When Jefferson turns around, Emma knocks him out with the telescope and runs to save Mary Margaret. Before Emma can escape with her, Jefferson tackles Emma and tries to kill her.

Me: NO! Don’t kill him!!!!
Mom: YES, KILL HIM. He’s going to kill MM and Emma                                                                    

Me: But he’s really cute……

While Emma is fighting Jefferson, MM gets free from her restraints and attacks Jefferson from behind with a crochet hammer and kicks him out the window. We don’t really see what happens to Jefferson but it’s a pretty good guess the hat works and he goes to another…dimension?  

Emma and Mary Margaret go outside to look for Jefferson but can’t find him. Emma asks MM if she’s been taking kickboxing lessons and MM doesn’t even know where her kick butt moves came from.


Oh you adorable lady. We do.


Emma grabs her car keys and gives them to MM. She asks Emma if she wants her to run away. Emma tells her that she has a choice. If she runs, she can’t stop and that it won’t be easy. MM asks her why she believes in her so much. Emma tells her that when she got to town MM told her that she trusted her when she came into town and got arrested and that she should stay for Henry. Mary Margaret is the only one that’s been there for her and she can’t lose her family.



Emma quickly recovers and says she meant friend, but we all know what she meant. MM hands back Emma’s keys and they shake hands. This is the closest I will get to a hug right now… I’ll take it. The clock bell rings and Emma remembers that she has to get MM back for her arraignment. Regina arrives at the police station and when she gets inside sees MM sitting in her cell. Mr. Gold appears and says that MM isn’t having any visitors.  Mr. Gold meets her outside the office and Regina asks him why she’s still in her cell, obviously the one knowing about the cell door key. Regina tells him that she better get what she wants. They only reason she made a deal with him because she approves of his results. She doesn’t look very happy. TOO BAD, DON’T CARE, LADY. He doesn’t like you anyway.

Emma goes over to Henry’s school and talks to him. While Emma and Henry are talking, a little girl says hi to Henry. Emma asks who that was obviously knowing it’s possibly Jefferson’s daughter. Emma asks Henry if she can see his book and looks at the REALLY OBVIOUS LOOK-A-LIKE DRAWINGS and turns to a page with the mad hatter who DOESN’T LOOK LIKE JEFFERSON. NOPE.


In fairytale land, it shows Jefferson trying to make a hat to return to his daughter and him murmering “It has to work” over and over again, clearly starting to go crazy. Then it shows a huge castle room, filled high with many hats that haven’t worked.

In Storybrooke, Emma asks Henry if she can borrow the book. Henry, along with all of us give Emma a pat on the back for maybe once believing everything and says she can.

Henry: THANK GOD! MY MOTHER IS SMART. Mostly. I hope. Yeah…

Emma: HEY!! These are really good Caricatures!!!


Mom: Maybe she should actually read it?

Okay so, I really loved this week’s episode. Sebastian is awesome. I LOVE him as the mad hatter and just as Jefferson.  I can’t wait for next weeks. We have a mini one week hiatus after next week. HOLD ME! When is Mary Margaret going to be free? Tired of Regina and her evil.

I hope you guys liked this week as much as me!

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