1×18 OUAT: “Stable Boy” (a very cute one)

Its SUND- wait, SATURDAYYY… Yeah I’ve attempted writing this so many time that It’s crazy. Usually, if I’m slow on writing a recap it’s because the episode was horrible or I can’t put it into words. “Stable Boy” was fantastic and I don’t know why its taken this long… In other news, we find out why Regina hates Snow/Mary Margaret SO MUCH and we still don’t feel any sympathy for Regina.

In Storybrooke, we see that the first scene takes place a week before MM arraignment in Regina’s office and Mr. Gold comes and visits her and they have tea and scones.

Gold tells Regina he has a plan to help her with the Mary Margaret problem. That MM and her “Charming” friend keep finding ways to get back together. I love this man and all his hints on words. Just to make us remember he does remember that he’s Rumplestiltskin and knows what’s going on. This was really hard for me to write out. While rewatching it, I realized what Regina and Gold are talking about. The two of them made up a plan of how to get Margaret out of storybrooke involving the key that gold put in her cell. In the end of the episode “Hat Trick” we see that Regina’s plan has failed and MM doesn’t leave Storybrooke. This takes place a week before the episode “Hat Trick”

This probably still doesn’t make sense. My brain hurts.

In fairytale land, we see Regina on a horse jumping obstacles and her father encouraging her. Her mother, Cora, comes in and immediately points out that she is a lady and should be riding on a saddle and that she should be looking for a husband. Regina is interrupted by the Stable boy Daniel, who offered to give her a saddle. Regina snaps at him and he walks away with the horse. Regina asks why her mother is always criticizing her and walks away. Regina’s mom is not very happy that she walked away from her and uses magic to pick up Regina. Regina’s dad tries to stop Cora but she doesn’t listen to him. She keeps telling Regina that she needs to start listening to her. Regina finally gives in and tells her she’ll be good. Regina runs off to the stables.

I’d like to take a moment to say two things.

  • ONE: We can definitely see why present day Regina is Regina. We don’t like her or her mother.
  • TWO: Regina, WHY did you kill your father. After he was on your side and tried to stop your mother from using magic on you. I have no sympathy for you. The man liked you. Maybe next time don’t kill your family?

Regina reaches the stables and apologizes to Daniel for yelling at him and he says she will have to make it up to him. Then they start kissing! REGINA HAS A SECRET BOYFRIENNDD. A cute one too.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma runs into David.

Dear David:

David asks Emma if he can see Mary Margaret and Emma says that she really doesn’t want visitors.

David: Can I see my girl? I was just kidding about all that accusing her of killing Kathryn and stuff. Really.
Emma: I hope I don’t have your “Smart” genes dad. David: So… this means I can see her, right?

David tells Emma that he needs to tell Mary Margaret that she didn’t get what he meant last time they spoke and that he thinks this is a confusing time for all of them and that MM is innocent.


Oh, David Nolan. I don’t know if I should hug you or surround you in bubble wrap so you won’t get hurt when Snow or someone else knocks you out. Then you won’t say such crazy things to Mary Margaret.

David asks if she needs anything and Emma tells him that she needs a miracle.

No more David this episode. Go ahead and grieve. But read the rest, please. 😉

In the jail Mary Margaret asleep, senses someone and wakes up to find Regina watching her sleep like the serial killer she is.

Regina tells MM that she’s giving her a chance to confess. Mary Margret tells her that she didn’t kill Kathryn and why doesn’t anyone believe her. Regina says that the evidence piles up and that confession or not, she’s leaving Storybrooke.

MM asks Regina why she likes the idea of kicking her out of town, and what did she ever do to her that caused Regina to hate her so much?

*Intense glares all around*

In fairytale world, Regina is sneaking off to go meet Daniel and have an hour or two alone. Aww they’re so cute together..

(Oh, Regina in the future, tries to kill Charming, makes a lady give her new born baby up, makes said baby for 28 years not find her parents, and makes everyone forget their real lives? Still don’t like you, lady.)

Daniel: “True love is the most powerful magic of all. It can overcome anything.”

Regina and Daniel are interrupted by a girl on a horse that is spooked and she cant control the horse. Regina races after the girl on her horse and manages to grab the girl and get her to safety.

After the girl thanks Regina for saving her, she tells her that her name is Snow White.

*Insert dramatic music here*

Back in Storybrooke, Mr Gold comes to ask MM if she wants to talk to the DA by using their most valuable asset. Mary Margaret.

If it looks like MM is cooperating with everyone and seeing as she’s a elementary teacher, it could be useful

Emma doesn’t like this.

Sidney stops by Emma’s to give her some flowers and to tell her that he can’t find anything on Regina and that he’ll keep digging until he finds something.

Sidney leaves and Mary Margaret tells Emma she’s going to go along with Gold’s suggestion. Right then Charles Widmore appears aka adopted daddy AKA Spencer who works as the District Attorney. *DRAMATIC MUSIC*

Spencer interrogates asks MM about the recent events with David and Kathryn. After pushing MM enough she gets mad and says some wrong things and Mr. Gold clearly wants to go hit his head on the nearest wall. I feel you, dude. But it’s MM and we all just want to hug her. In the other room watching, we see Regina smirking, clearly seeing that she wanted MM to break.

Off in fairytale world, Regina is putting on the same outfit she’s worn for seven months getting ready to go have a riding lesson with Daniel but her mother comes in and says that she needs to wear something not ugly and more girly because the unattractive old man king is coming. The girl (Snow) that Regina saved is the king’s daughter.

The king proposes to Regina and while shocked she can’t think of anything to say so her mother says yes for her. NO EVIL MOM LADY. BAD.


Regina: UH, NO. You’re old.

King: Yes.. You say yes? You. Pretty. My maid picks out my clothes.

Evil Mommy: YES! OF COURSE. I have children’s tears for breakfast.

Regina, runs to the barn yelling for Daniel and she tells him that is going to marry the king.

. Regina asks Daniel to marry her and she tells him that they should run away together. Daniel tells Regina that running away and marrying a stable boy will be hard. He won’t be able to give her everything she wants and that she wont be queen.

Daniel tells Regina that he should marry her properly. He puts a ring on her finger and they start kissing. Regina and Daniel are interrupted by Snow. Snow runs away and Regina chases after her and talks to Snow.

Snow: Why were you kissing that man in the stable?
Regina: Cause your dad’s old kid. And I love Daniel. Not him.

Snow: But you’re supposed to be my mommy! Darn.

Regina tells Snow that she loves Daniel.

Love, true love is magic. Not just any magic, the most powerful magic of all. It creates happiness.

Regina asks Snow to promise not to tell anyone that she loves Daniel and she wants to marry him. Snow promises and they hug and look adorable. I will NOT like Regina…

Off in Storybrooke, August bumps into Stalks Emma and tells her that if she has a different outlook on her problem, she could find something else. Emma then realizes that she should go back to the scene of the crime where they found Kathryn’s heart. Emma digs in the dirt and finds a piece of metal that looks like it broke off a shovel. Emma tells August she has a really good clue of who has the shovel.

Emma: Eureka! I am not a bad sheriff after all!

August: “A CLUE. A CLUE!”

At Henry’s house, Henry acts asleep when Regina comes in and check on him and then walkie-talkies Emma and tells her that the coast is clear and there’s a key in the back to get into the garage. MOMMY-SON DETECTIVE BUDDIES. I love me some scenes with Emma and Henry.

Emma and August look around the room to find anything they can. Emma finds a shovel with a piece missing and they know that they officially have caught Regina.

In fairytale land, Regina’s mother talks with Snow and tells her that she doesn’t want to stray away from Regina and wonders how she can fix her relationship with Regina..

Yes, because all six year olds know how to solve your stupid little problems.

Snow tells Regina’s mother that she knows how to fix her relationship. Regina’s mother tells Snow that she’d do anything to make Regina happy and that she doesn’t want to lose her.

Snow tells Cora that she shouldn’t make Regina get married. That she doesn’t love her father but someone else. Regina’s mother convinces her to tell even though snow promised not to.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma goes to Regina’s house and tells her that she has a search warrant and that she has to legally let Emma search it. Emma goes into the garage and sees that the shovel is gone and that Regina knew she was coming. Emma tells her that Mary Margaret is a good person and doesn’t deserve any of the stuff that has happened to her. YOU GO EMMA.

Regina tells her that she is guilty and that she will pay for what she’s done.

Regina: MUWHAHAHAHA Emma: I hate my life some days.

Emma goes over to August’s and accuses him of letting Regina know that she was coming.

August tells her that he hopes she has enough sense to know that he wouldn’t betray her. Clearly not dude. Oh Emma, we were doing so well. I’ll be smacking my head on the wall along with Mr. Gold.

Regina goes over to yell talk to Mary Margaret again. MY MARY MARGARET IS CRYING. QUICK SOMEONE HOLD HER. DAVID WHERE ARE YOU?

Regina tells MM she can’t wait till she has justice and never has to see her again. MM asks her what she means by “Justice” and watching an innocent person suffer.

Mary Margaret, through her heartbreaking sobbing tells Regina that she is sorry for whatever she did to her and that she didn’t kill Kathryn.

Regina tells her that she knows she didn’t. BOOM!

MM: I gots cute chubby cheeks!


Side note: Lana Parrilla’s creepy evil smile.. is creepy. A+ Like, I don’t want to stare at her face. LOOK AWAY MARY MARGARET. LOOK AWAY!

Off in Fairytale world, Regina goes to the stable to run off to be with Daniel. Before they can run off, Regina’s mother stops them with her magic and locks them in the stable.

(If you happen to read this right now, I’m almost done. I just wanted it mostly done and published.)


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