Pretty Little Liars: 3×07

PLL 3×07: Everyone’s on the crazy stuff in Rosewood, lately.

After a few weeks of no internet and trying to work out college stuff I am finally writing a Pretty Little Liars recap!! In the past couple of weeks a lot of crazy and unexpected things have happened in the little town of Rosewood. I definitely give the writers two thumbs up. I watch a lot of TV shows and every week, PLL has been getting creepy, creepy, and more creepy. I don’t watch too many shows that make me either close my eyes or mute the TV but considering A has already killed a few people, I’m scared to actually find out who A is. A doesn’t mess around.

On the last few episodes of PLL we’ve seen Caleb and Hanna break up, Melissa revealing that she was faking being pregnant for a while now, Lucas is a total creeper, Maya’s cousin Nate, is hanging around Rosewood for a while, Jason and Spencer find Ali’s old bracelet and turn it into the police, and that Ezra has a butt load of money from supposedly an old car he sold. I don’t want Ezra to be evil, I love him as much as Aria does!!

On the recent July 24th episode, we have a new character Cece Drake, show up in Rosewood. She is almost like Alison’s twin, considering they act alike and have the same mannerisms. Detective Wilden is back to stalking Hanna, making her life worse and this time, asking for a blood sample from her, because they found blood on Ali’s bracelet and now Hanna is considered a main suspect. A could take care of Wilden, he’s super annoying and a bit creepy.
Aria and Hanna decide to visit Mona in the insane Asylum and try and get some answers. Mona ends up telling them things in code rhymes. One of Mona’s rhymes: “Ms. Aria, you’re a killer; not Ezra’s wife. Led the girls to a website with Maya’s picture on it and they had to solve the mystery with a password. Mona wasn’t nice enough to give it, though. I’m starting to wonder if she’s crazy, or just putting on an act.

Emily and Nate go shopping because the idiot has fallen for Jenna and he want to buy her a gift because she’s just so pretty. JENNA IS EVIL, BOY. Emily talks to Ceca and tells her that Jenna isn’t who she seems and that ends up a bad plan because Cece goes crazy and calls Jenna lying saying that Jenna is trying to steal Nate, her “Boyfriend.” Emily is shocked at Cece and truthfully, it’s not a surprise that Cece did it. If she’s so similar to Alison, why would you trust her anyway?

On the way home, Spencer is driving home in her car and Jason passes her and crashes into a car because he decided to get drunk for whatever stupid reason, which we can assume is because his father is back in town. Spencer decided to cover for Jason and drive him home. When Spencer gets home Toby is at her house and wants to know why he had to be Hanna’s pretend date at the church dance but they’re interrupted by Wilden a police. Toby covers for Spencer but isn’t too happy he had to cover for her and most of all Jason.

Every week this show is getting crazier and creepier, but I’m also completely obsessed want to know what A will do next!


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