SMASH 2×09: One too many leather jackets

Smash - Season 2

SMASH 2×09 – The Parents 4/2/13

I’m back with my SMASH recap this week! Tuesday’s episode “The Parents” easily could have been called: The case of the mistaken leather jacket“.

This week starts off with Karen and Jimmy all happy, making coffee and cuddling when Karen’s dad makes a surprise visit and shows up at her apartment. Karen freaks out and makes Jimmy go down the fire escape. I actually loved the first ten minutes of the show. Jeremy Jordan couldn’t have been more adorable and I actually LIKED Jimmy in this scene. Finally, he’s all happy (and makes everyone around him happy) and he got himself a nice girl. (Which is good, because he needed to chill with the attitude and tough guy stuff).

Karen lets her dad in and he see’s enough back and leather jacket sneaking down the fire escape to feel mortified and worry about his kid for the next ten years.

Over at Bombshell, Ivy arrives at rehearsals and Tom and Julia drop a bombshell of their own on Ivy, letting her know that Norma Jean’s mother Gladys, had been cast. Unfortunately for Ivy they cast her mother, Leigh Conroy (Guest star Bernadette Peters). In that moment, the woman herself pops up and everyone is attempting a “Yay!” Ivy and Leigh try to be so nice to each other that there is a lack of acting and feelings like Marilyn and her mother had toward each other. Tom whines to Julia that: They’re turning Norma Jean and Gladys into the Gilmore Girls!!”

(Best show reference ever. Throw in some coffee and then it’ll get real interesting.)

Bobby and all the other cast and crew think the same thing while witnessing Leigh and Ivy attempt their scenes: This is boring. I want my catfight already!”

Finally Tom gets some real acting out of Ivy and Leigh by getting them to go down painful memory lane. Leigh talking about Ivy’s childhood obesity and Ivy saying how her mother always brought her down and never said much encouragement to her. Ivy tells her mother the last most painful comment that “at least the best of my career is still ahead of me.”

Ivy and Leigh’s battle of the words finally ends with them having some emotion with their lines and singing and performing a great scene of “Hang the Moon”. As much as this made me want to cry, It didn’t affect Ivy and she tells Leigh that she won’t need her anymore.

Womp Womp Womp….

Back at Hit List, Karen performs her own version of “Broadway Here I Come”. I’d like to buy this on iTunes. Someone make this happen and no one gets hurt. Derek walks in and cuts off Karen WHY and Daddy Cartwright claps and beams like a happy dad. As proud as Karen’s dad is, he can’t help wondering why she would quit a Broadway play like Bombshell to go and end up singing with Jimmy and Ana in a dark grimy theater. (It has character, man.)

Karen tells her that he should trust her and the play is really good. Derek walks over to talk to Mr Cartwright and Karen’s dad notices Derek’s leather jacket. He puts the fire escape boy he saw earlier that morning, and Derek’s jacket together as the guy who snuck out his little girls window. Suddenly, Mr Cartwright has a lot of dislike toward Derek Wills. Now it seems Derek took Karen away from a huge Broadway show to a lesser version of it, AND snuck out his daughter’s apartment..

That darn leather jacket fooled us again!!!

On the way to rehersals, Jimmy skips goes to work in a great mood, but stops in fear because the guy that we saw previously in the beginning of the season who beat up Jimmy is roaming the streets like the gross creepy dealer he is.

*Jimmy sees bad dude*


Mom:turn around


Mom: keep going!

My mom and I are involved with our tv shows.

The bad guy finds Jimmy at Rehersals and tells him that Jimmy owes him $8000 from their previous interactions and then his debt with him is cleared. Um, can some mobster just get the junkie guy? I’m pretty sure if you shook the guys hand, he’d literally be grimy. Good acting, dude.

Later that night at the fundraiser, Karen sings “Broadway Here I come” again for a much larger crowd. While watching Karen sing, Derek walks up next to her dad. Mr Cartwright glances at Derek and causually says to Derek: “Nice Jacket…” and Derek replies with a confused “Thank you..”

Ana gets to do a quickly pulled together performance in character as her role as “The Diva” singing: “Reaching Out for You” while doing some aerial stunts. I really loved this song and I hope Krysta Rodriguez gets to sing more in the next couple of episodes!

While everyone is watching Ana perform, Jimmy tries to find some pricey goods hiding in the coat racks. He finds a nice gold watch, but Derek catches him. I have to ask, who carries a gold watch in a case around with them. You rich people want to share a little?

Jimmy, instead of being all like: “Hey man, back off.. this is my watch pfft” He breaks down and literally asks for Derek’s help and tells him he’s in trouble and that he needs to pay an $8000 debt to grimy boy. Derek agrees to give him the money. I see this as a huge step up for Jimmy Collins, being responsible for his actions. Derek and Jimmy are interrupted by the coat holder guy and Derek notices Jimmy’s jacket. When the guy asks them what they’re doing, Derek replies: “Just fetching our coats. Oh look, they match..”


I love that British man. I have to say, Derek Wills is a pretty decent guy if he gives a kid he’s only known for a few months (who obviously hasn’t been that nice to him) $8000…


Later, Jimmy takes the money over to the guy and his debt is finally paid off. Just before Jimmy leaves, Grimy offers Jimmy some to go baggies of drugs.

Drug dealer: you want some for the road?

Jimmy: ….



Me: I quit.

Also, Grimy comments on Jimmy’s last name: “Have a good one, Collins. It’s Collins, now, right?”

Maybe Jimmy is a wrongly accused murderer on the run from his old life. I’d like to think behind the hard, cold mean front he gives, is a nice Broadway singing boy wrapped in enigma, wrapped in a leather jacket.

Eric, the main executive of Hit List talks to Julia at the fundraiser about being the shows dramaturg. Julia agrees happily to be apart of Hit List. I really don’t know how I feel about this. I love Julia, but I wanted my shows to be somewhat separate. We’ll see how this all works out…

After his meet up with the drug dealer, Jimmy meets up with Derek, Karen and her dad. Jimmy and Karen walk off to be all couple-y and staring into each others eyes, while Derek gets Mr Cartwright a cab. Roger apologizes for accusing Derek that he was the guy that snuck out of his little girls apartment “like a boy” and looks to Jimmy. Derek Wills finally see’s that Jimmy and Karen are secretly together and then the poor british man’s heart breaks. Let me love you. (Also, while watching the scene with Derek and Mr Cartwright, I saw a few months ago promotional photos of Karen crying and Derek holding her.. I seriously thought in that scene that her dad was going to get run over by a taxi. There’s a plot twist for you.)

BTW Daddy Cartwright: Derek Wills does not sneak out and down a fire escape. He would sit there like a true british gentleman and sip his Coffee tea.

Side note: Derek has this look of astonishment about finding out that Jimmy and Karen are dating. I thought when he figured out the coat thing, he realized they were dating??

I hope you all enjoyed this recap. Feel free to write your comments and opinions about the show and characters. Be nice to Jimmy just a little.. Put your knifes down. I see you twitter people.. I see you.

This Saturday (4/6/13) starts the switch for SMASH to show on Saturdays now. People are now calling it #Smashturdays and it’s not cancelled. πŸ˜‰

In the previews we see Jimmy, Karen and Derek all involved in a confrontation over who loves her the most. Jimmy also tells Karen that Derek told him to stay away from her and she’s not too happy that discovery. But in another clip, we finally FINALLY see Derek tell Karen that he LOVES cares about her. I’m really nervous for Saturday because I am too involved with my tv shows.. and no, I don’t plan to get help.


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