OUAT 1×17: Hat Tricks … (and kicks)

OUAT Episode 1×17:  “Hat Tricks… and kicks.”



It’s Sunday. That means it’s the best day of the week. Once Upon a Time is on!! Last week we saw that Mary Margaret escaped from her cell and Kathryn’s murder still hasn’t been solved. I loved tonight’s episode but sometime I had no idea if they were before an event happened in fairytale land or after. If anyone has an idea of when the scene took place, comment below!! Also, Sebastian Stan is in this episode. He’s pretty. Also, this week I have Natalie to add her comments about tonight’s episode!

Anddd here we go!

In the woods, we see Mary Margaret escaping (at least she’s a nice innocent fugitive!)  As much as I wanted for her to escape, now she just looks guilty. Prayer circle for Mary Margaret, yes?

Off at the police station, Henry is being adorable and looking at the Fairytale book. Emma and Mr. Gold walk in and Henry tells Emma that she had a great mastermind plan. Henry, not wanting Mr. Gold to hear the plan gives a cute but obvious look of “Go away.” I love this kid.

Henry tells Emma that he’s glad the plan worked and helped Emma escape. Mr. Gold calls Emma into the other room, only to find that Mary Margaret escaped on her own. Emma is not happy. Mary Margaret even though innocent, is now a fugitive. *facepalm*

Emma decides to go try and find Mary Margaret in the pouring rain. While driving down the road, the fog picks up. Because, that’s not suspicious. While Emma is driving a man appears and she almost hits him. She swerves to not hit him and she asks him if he’s okay. She sees he has a sprained ankle and offers to take him back to his house. Jefferson asks what she’s doing out in the woods and says she’s looking for her dog (Mary Margaret, YOUR MOMMY!)

 When Jefferson goes to get in the car we see him go to get in the car and clearly him putting pressure on his foot and walking. Uh oh.

Off in fairytale world Sebastian Stan aka Jefferson graces our screen!! YAY! At first we think he is running away from someone only to realize that he is playing hide and seek with his daughter, Grace. On the way back home, we see that Queen Regina is at their house. Grace asks him if he knows her and he says that he doesn’t and tells Grace to go hide in the woods so he can go find out what she’s doing there. RUN ADORABLE CHILD. QUEEN REGINA IS EVILLLL.

When Jefferson goes inside we clearly can see That Regina and Jefferson DO know one another. I really hope they never dated back in the day. They keep making eyes at each other and getting too close for comfort with their faces.. Don’t kiss that, Jefferson. Ew. (Also, who designs Lana Parrilla’s “Queen” clothes? Please cover her boobs up more.)

Regina wants Jefferson to do something for her and in return, he can give Grace a better, less impoverished life. He says he doesn’t do hat tricks anymore, it cost him his wife and Grace a mom. He says that he’s staying. “You don’t abandon family.” Or stab them to death like Regina did.

Jefferson declines Regina’s offer and tells her to find someone else. Regina gives up and decides to leave.

Emma and Jefferson get to his house and Emma decides to help him inside. He brings in tea and gives her a map to help her find her “dog”. While looking at the map Emma starts to get dizzy and then we see that Jefferson drugged her. DON’T TAKE THINGS FROM STRANGERS EMMA! Didn’t your mom ever teach you- oh… wait.

Emma sees that Jefferson isn’t limping anymore and then she passes out.

In Fairytale world, Jefferson and Grace are in town looking at toys. Grace picks out a little bunny and he doesn’t have enough money to buy it and tries to bargain with the seller lady, but she doesn’t budge. Grace being the cute kid she is, tells him that she doesn’t need to toy. After Grace and Jefferson walks away, we see that the seller lady isn’t just an old hag; she’s really Regina in disguise. HATE HER…

Jefferson back at home fixes up Grace’s old rabbit and has a tea party with her. Um, I’ll marry him. HE’S SO SWEET. He has tea parties with his daughter. *Tears* He tells Graces that she has to go to the neighbors for a while. He decides to do Regina’s dirty work.

Back in Storybrook, Emma wakes up tied up. Obviously having her mom’s genes, smashes the teacup from earlier and gets untied and tries to escape quietly. Seeing as all the windows were locked and wouldn’t open she goes into the hallway and sees Jefferson in another room sharpening scissors.  Emma steps on a creaky floorboard and before Jefferson can find her, she hides in another room. She turns around and finds Mary Margaret tied to a chair.

Natalie: This is traumatic!! Why can’t David save Mary Margaret? Never mind. David might trip and hurt himself with the knife he’d use to free her.

Me: *Lots of screaming tweets…*

Emma gets Mary Margaret untied and asks her what happened. She said that Jefferson grabbed her out of nowhere and took her. MM asks Emma why she’s here and told her that she was looking for her since she escaped. MM told Emma that someone put a key in her cell and that’s how she got out. Emma and Mary Margaret try to escape but Jefferson is one step ahead of them and has a gun with him. He tells her that he found spot and didn’t want anyone to know about Emma going to look for MM. He tells Emma to tie Mary Margaret back up and that he has a job for her. Someone, please hug Mary Margaret.

Back at Queen Regina’s Castle, Jefferson and his box, meet up with her and he tells her that if he does what she wants, Grace will stay safe. Regina agree’s and Jefferson pull out a hat from the box. It’s a magic hat and it starts a portal like thing that Regina and Jefferson jump in. If it isn’t obvious by now, Jefferson is the “Mad Hatter” from Alice in Wonderland. Notice all the Alice themed hates.  Cool. Hehe.

In Jefferson’s mansion, Emma threatens him that if he hurts Mary Margaret, she will kick his pretty little butt and he’ll regret it. Jefferson tells her that he’s saving her life. I hope he went to Charming and Snow’s wedding. He seems nice in Fairytale land.  He tells Emma that they both know what happens when someone tries to leave storybrook, about the curse. Emma and her very bad poker face ask how he knows about the curse. He tells her that for the past 28 years, he’s been stuck in his house until one night, she comes into town and the clock moves and he can leave his house.


How did he live in his house like that? Did someone have to go buy him groceries? Get him new clothes?

I think Jefferson is clearly thinking this right now:


Jefferson the second smart one, next to Henry, tells Emma to wake up and look around. That there is magic in Storybrook, with everyone in some way. He tells Emma to get to work and like the rest of us, wonders what he means. He looks at the hat and now we really know he’s the mad hatter.

Mom: are you sure they’re the same person [Jefferson and the Mad hatter]??

Me: Yes for the tenth time. They have the same hair.

Also, I get he’s a big, bad, mean kidnapper with a gun, but he is really hot and It’s giving me immoral thoughts. Like how I’m kind of hoping Jefferson will kiss Emma. AH OKAY, I’LL STOP. For now.


Regina and Jefferson end up in a room of like ten thousand doors and Jefferson picks the mirror looking door and walks through it with Regina.  You have to have someone with you in order to enter or leave the other realm. Realm sounds geeky. Let’s say… dimensions.

When they both cross over to the other dimension they come encounter with a huge caterpillar. Jefferson then says “I hate wonderland.”

 Yes, we know he’s the mad hatter, writers. This show is about fairytales.

While Emma attempts to make a hat, she slowly puts together that he’s the “Mad Hatter” and says that clearly he’s been reading Henry’s book. That they’re all just stories.

Natalie: Emma, when you’re done making that hat, HOOK YOUR PARENT’S BACK UP.

Jefferson asks Emma if she ever learned about the Civil War in school from a book. How is that any different from Henry’s book? Emma says that history books are based on history. Stories are based on imagination, where does that come from.



“Everyone wants some magical solutions to their problems, and everyone refuses to believe in magic.”


Emma: “This is it. This IS the real world.”

Jefferson: “A real world. How arrogant are you to think that yours is the only one? There are infinite more. You have to open your mind, they all touch one another, each, just as real as the last one. All have rules. Some with magic, some not. Some need magic. Once you finish my hat, I can go home.”

Please, just make his hat, lady and kiss.

In fairytale land, Regina and Jefferson have to get through a maze to get whatever Regina wanted from the Queen of Hearts but can’t touch the sides because they will attack you like the maze in Harry Potter. Regina, with her witch power throws a fire ball so they can just walk straight through. Okay evil props to Regina. Still hate her.

Natalie: I love when this show goes magical power BAMF.

Before leaving the other world, Regina gets some goo off a mushroom and puts it inside the box she took. Soon her father appears and she says that she needed someone to go with her to get her Father. Jefferson yells saying that he promised Grace he wouldn’t leave her. Regina says that then he shouldn’t have left her in the first place. I’d like to say that Regina somewhat looks sad. Not enough where I think she isn’t as evil as we all think, but enough where she cares about family. Regina may kill and lie and erase everyone’s memories and how they have a daughter and are married. Regina leaves with her father and Jefferson is now trapped in Wonderland. The Queens men take Jefferson to the castle to face her.

Also, Regina makes her dad appears from the goo stuff. Is this before or after she stabs him in the castle in like episode 5 or whatever? If you know or have an idea, please tell me. It looks like this is before she kills him.


Regina: You’re right, Jefferson. You don’t abandon family.  (YEAH YOU JUST STAB THEM TO DEATH. RIGHT, REGINA?)

Once at the castle Jefferson comes face to face with the queen herself. He tells her that Regina tricked him and he can’t go back. He came here because of his hat, and now he can’t go back because she took it. The Queen doesn’t like this and tells them to chop off his head.

Don’t chop off his head, he’s too attractive to die!

Jefferson realizes that even though his head is chopped off, he is still alive. The Queens men tell him that he will make a hat, and then he will be able to go home. Jefferson tells them that he can’t make hats like that. The soldier tells him that he can, and he will.

Jefferson: “Without magic, it’s just a hat.” *hums Frosty the Snowman*

Back in Storybrooke, Emma tells Jefferson that she can’t make the hat. He’s not very happy about this and tells him that she CAN. He tells her that he’s been cursed and that what he loves has been ripped from him. He brings Emma over to the window and shows a house where a little girl and her parents are eating dinner. He says that even though he has a nice house, what use is it if he can’t be with his daughter, if she can’t remember their old life together?

Emma realizes why Jefferson wants her to make the hat. Because he wants to take Grace home. She says that if what he’s saying is true, than the woman in the other room is her mother.


When Jefferson turns around, Emma knocks him out with the telescope and runs to save Mary Margaret. Before Emma can escape with her, Jefferson tackles Emma and tries to kill her.

Me: NO! Don’t kill him!!!!
Mom: YES, KILL HIM. He’s going to kill MM and Emma                                                                    

Me: But he’s really cute……

While Emma is fighting Jefferson, MM gets free from her restraints and attacks Jefferson from behind with a crochet hammer and kicks him out the window. We don’t really see what happens to Jefferson but it’s a pretty good guess the hat works and he goes to another…dimension?  

Emma and Mary Margaret go outside to look for Jefferson but can’t find him. Emma asks MM if she’s been taking kickboxing lessons and MM doesn’t even know where her kick butt moves came from.


Oh you adorable lady. We do.


Emma grabs her car keys and gives them to MM. She asks Emma if she wants her to run away. Emma tells her that she has a choice. If she runs, she can’t stop and that it won’t be easy. MM asks her why she believes in her so much. Emma tells her that when she got to town MM told her that she trusted her when she came into town and got arrested and that she should stay for Henry. Mary Margaret is the only one that’s been there for her and she can’t lose her family.



Emma quickly recovers and says she meant friend, but we all know what she meant. MM hands back Emma’s keys and they shake hands. This is the closest I will get to a hug right now… I’ll take it. The clock bell rings and Emma remembers that she has to get MM back for her arraignment. Regina arrives at the police station and when she gets inside sees MM sitting in her cell. Mr. Gold appears and says that MM isn’t having any visitors.  Mr. Gold meets her outside the office and Regina asks him why she’s still in her cell, obviously the one knowing about the cell door key. Regina tells him that she better get what she wants. They only reason she made a deal with him because she approves of his results. She doesn’t look very happy. TOO BAD, DON’T CARE, LADY. He doesn’t like you anyway.

Emma goes over to Henry’s school and talks to him. While Emma and Henry are talking, a little girl says hi to Henry. Emma asks who that was obviously knowing it’s possibly Jefferson’s daughter. Emma asks Henry if she can see his book and looks at the REALLY OBVIOUS LOOK-A-LIKE DRAWINGS and turns to a page with the mad hatter who DOESN’T LOOK LIKE JEFFERSON. NOPE.


In fairytale land, it shows Jefferson trying to make a hat to return to his daughter and him murmering “It has to work” over and over again, clearly starting to go crazy. Then it shows a huge castle room, filled high with many hats that haven’t worked.

In Storybrooke, Emma asks Henry if she can borrow the book. Henry, along with all of us give Emma a pat on the back for maybe once believing everything and says she can.

Henry: THANK GOD! MY MOTHER IS SMART. Mostly. I hope. Yeah…

Emma: HEY!! These are really good Caricatures!!!


Mom: Maybe she should actually read it?

Okay so, I really loved this week’s episode. Sebastian is awesome. I LOVE him as the mad hatter and just as Jefferson.  I can’t wait for next weeks. We have a mini one week hiatus after next week. HOLD ME! When is Mary Margaret going to be free? Tired of Regina and her evil.

I hope you guys liked this week as much as me!


Once Upon a Time 1×16: It’s all because of the curse. Stupid Curse.

Hey everyone! It’s time to recap “OUaT” and I’m super excited. I even get to talk about Charming more than usual. Happy Sunday to me!! Thanks, Writers!! So this week we learn more about Kathryn’s disappearance (sort of) and see more of Evil Regina! Let’s start!

Okay to start off this week, we see Red and Charming together and the king’s men are still hunting down Charming for running off to find Snow instead of marrying Abigail. Charming tries to get Red to go with him but Red tells him to go find Snow and that’s all that matters. Red tells him that she’s giving him a headstart, Red then wolfs out and attacks the kings men like the Gangster awesome werewolf she is.

 I also promise I’ll never use the term “Gangster” again. I’ll only say it if i’m talking about Meghan Ory or Red/Ruby.  Heh.

Flash off to Storybrook, we see that Emma arrested Mary Margaret and is taking her mug shot. Hey look she has an adorable mug shot! Along with everyone else, Mary Margaret is asking Emma if she really has to arrest her and treat her like this. Emma tells her that if she doesn’t do sheriff protocol, it’ll look like favoritism. Which yeah, it would be. We don’t care, lady. Show some! Emma then tells MM that she has to ask her a few questions. Mary Margaret and Emma don’t look too happy.

Off in fairytale land, we see Snow cleaning her room, humming, and all the woodland creatures come out to play. Kidding, but she does have a little bird friend. All of a sudden Snow tries to hit the bird with the broom and calling it vermin. Grumpy comes in wondering why Snow is abusing animals. Oh hey! Remember that potion that Rumplestiltskin gave Snow a few episodes back to forget her heartbreak and forget Charming? Well, not only did it make her not miss him, it made her violent and really snarky.

Side note: I like the “Snow White” bow they put in Ginny’s hair. The fact that her hair is a bushy mess and she’s acting deranged is hilarious. Totally the opposite of the childhood Snow White we all know. Snow is also extremely sassy and snarky in tonight’s episode. Who loves Ginny Goodwin? ME.

Grumpy, Jiminy Cricket, and the rest of the dwarf gang decide to have a Snow-vention.

They try to get Snow to remember how good and decent she is and that she’s being a mean little person. Snow White really doesn’t care. BAD POTION!

Over in Storybrook, not only does Emma question Mary Margaret, Regina does. SOMEONE get her out of that room. Whether it is MM or Regina.  Emma asks MM some questions and she is blunt about her relationship and doesn’t deny she and David were going on secret dates and stuff. SHE’S BECOME SO SNOW WHITE LIKE, UPFRONT AND NOT ALL MOUSY. ME LOVES MARY MARGARET.  Technically Snow and MM are the same person but they’re all working on becoming their old selves and ya know, actually know WHO they are. Basic every day stuff.

Emma shows MM a box and asks her if she’s seen it. MM tells her that yes she’s seen it, it’s her jewelry box. HOMEGIRL IS BEING SET UP BY REGINA. GET RID OF HER.

Regina then grasps Mary Margaret’s hand and is trying to be soothing and tells her that maybe losing David changed her. Regina said herself that she lost someone close to her and that changed her into a different person. Well, lady, if you didn’t stab your dad and kill your husband ON PURPOSE maybe you wouldn’t be alone in life and an uptight evil queen mayor. MM tells her that she’s still the same person. Um, Regina is an awkward person. She doesn’t need to hug anymore or try and hold hands and sing “Kumbaya” with Mary Margaret.

Regina asks that if the box is Mary Margaret’s, then why wasn’t there a sign of a break in? Maybe Regina, you and your ten thousand keys of death and doom had something to do with it?

Over in fairytale world we see Snow attack a one of Regina’s men on a horse. She asks him where she is but he says he isn’t going to tell her. Snow gets dirty and brings out the heavy evil tools. A diamond cutting axe that is. She threatens him and he gives up the information that she’s at her castle for the night. Snow tells him that the castle was made for her mother and out of anger smashes the guys head.

Grumpy finds Snow in the woods and tries to convince her not to kill the queen and think about what she’s doing. Grumpy tells Snow that he’s going to take Snow back to Rumple to get her old self back.

In Storybrook Emma is inspecting the door to see if there was any sign of a break in. Henry pops up and says he wants to help show that Mary Margaret is innocent. Henry mentions that his mom hates snow white and that’s an obvious motive wanting to frame her. While talking to Henry something rattles in the heating vent and Emma pulls out something wrapped up. After she pulls it out, we see that it’s a huge knife. Uh-oh.

Henry, sad about Mary Margaret being framed, heads to the dinner and gets some hot chocolate. August Booth pops up and talks to Henry. He says that he wants to get people to believe, mainly Emma. August tells Henry that unlike them, they go on faith and believe things but Emma goes on real proof. Henry says that last time he tried to find proof, he ended up getting trapped in a sink hole. August tells him that there are less dangerous ways to find proof and that maybe he can start with the book. August tell him that he knows that the storybook isn’t just a book. I actually think that August wants to help. I’m not really getting a creepy evil vibe or that he wants to sabotage anything. Usually people I like in shows die or turn evil. We’ll see. But he looked generally willing to help Henry.

Off in the snowy fairytale woods, Charming is trying to find Snow and comes up on the guy Snow White attacked earlier. The man tells charming Snow attacked him, and that she’s blood thirsty and a killer. Charming says that she’s not; she wouldn’t do something like that. He tells Charming that he obviously doesn’t know her well enough.

In Storybrook, we see Regina in her office peeling an apple, because no one does that. You just eat the apple. At least get a  peeler that peels for you. Geez.

David comes into Regina’s office to talk to her and saying that he knows MM is innocent. Maybe, if he can remember what happened during his blackouts, he can help MM.

Regina says that just because MM doesn’t look like a murderous, evil person doesn’t mean she isn’t capable of killing Kathryn. 

NO REGINA. I hate you. Mary Margaret didn’t do anything. Can you go away? Go peel your little apples, you apple peeler, evil queen.

“Evil doesn’t always look evil. Sometimes, it’s staring right at us. And we don’t even realize it.”



Over at the police station, Emma tells Mary Margaret that she found the knife in MM’s heating vent. MM says that she doesn’t even know where her heating vent is and that she thinks Emma doesn’t believe she’s innocent. Emma tells her that she DOES think she’s innocent but that she needs a lawyer. Right then Mr. Gold pops up and offers himself as an option for a lawyer for Mary Margaret.

MM tells Emma that she needs to do her job as the sheriff that she only started like three months ago and prove her innocence while she gets help from Mr. Gold.

Off in Rumplestiltskin’s castle, Grumpy and Snow visit him. Grumpy demands that Rumple change her back to how she used to be. Rumple says that he can’t change her back to how she was. He has never been able to bottle true love. If he could do that, he can do anything. Rumplestiltskin knows that Snow really doesn’t want to get her old self back. She wants to kill the Queen. He gives her a bow and arrow that will make sure it will kill her and a map that shows her where to go.

David stops by Archie’s office to see if he can try and remember what happened during his black outs that will maybe help Mary Margaret.

Back in Fairytale land, Charming bust’s into Rumple’s castle demanding to know where Snow is. Rumple says that of course true loves kiss will break the curse and she’ll be her old self although it’ll be hard to kiss her when she doesn’t love him. Rumple gives Charming a map of where she is but he wants his cloak in return.

Awww you guys, Rumple is madly in love with Charming, too! No one can resist that man’s blue eyes! and when he sword fights holding his baby and looks really hot.

Charming finds Snow in the woods and tries to get her to remember him by kissing her. He says “I told you. I will always find you!”

This doesn’t work, seeing as she smacks him in the head and knocks him out. SAD FACE.

This is messed up. He always is cute when he gets determined and then is like “I will always find youuuu!” How is he rewarded? by his girlfriend knocking him out. I want to hug the poor guy. I think I’ll write a spin off book titled: “Charming: Everyone is out to get him. He just wants his girl!”

Later, we see Henry waiting at Mary Margaret’s and Emma’s place claiming he has proof that Regina is setting up MM. Henry tells her that he found Regina’s keys of Doom and that the book says it’ll open the door. After Henry tries a few keys Emma says that he should just stop. But henry insists that she try just one more key. To Emma’s surprise the door unlocks and opens. Emma is now on team: “ SAVE MARY MARGARET.”

In fairytale world we see Charming wake up from being knocked out. He tries to get up to talk to Snow but finds that she tied him to a tree.


@JLmadridFederer: The swag doesn’t need to be tied to a tree!!!

Charming: Well, at least I still have my charming,  good looks. BUT NOT MY GIRL.  

Snow: [your name is] Charming? I’m beginning to see why I drank that potion.

 Charming tells Snow that true loves kiss should have restored her memories. Snow says it isn’t true love because she doesn’t love him. She then walks away and leaves him tied to a tree like the nice snarky lady she is to go kill the queen.

Off in Archie’s office, he tries to get David to remember what happened during his black outs. David starts to remember something and we see that he remembers SNOW WHITE going to kill the queen. Instead, David, clearly smacked one too many times in the head to realize that MM doesn’t have long hair, it’s not snowing in Storybrook, and people don’t wear cloaks anymore, thinks that it’s Mary Margaret about to kill Kathryn. David runs out of Archie’s freaked out.

In Fairytale land, we see Snow about to kill Evil Queen Regina. When Snow releases her arrow and Charming jumps in front of it before it can reach the Queen and Snow is not happy about this. He says that he would die for her than rather let her heart be filled with Darkness.

 We see some of snow’s evil she’ll break and her saying that she’s never had someone willing to die for her. CUE SINGLE TEAR and she kisses him. She realizes who he is and who SHE is and then I cry tears of rainbows, happiness, and magic.

 After their adorable reunion, the kings men find Charming and Snow and attack and kidnap Charming. And my favorite line of the show Snow yells to Charming: “I will always find you.”


and I’m just like:

Back at the police station David visit’s Mary Margaret. YAY DAVID!

David tells her what he remembers. He stupidly tells her that he thinks she killed Kathryn. BAD DAVID!

Mary Margaret crying, tells him that after everything that happened with David. When everyone thought he killed Kathryn, she stood by him. But David isn’t. She tells him to get out.


Fail, David Nolan. You. Fail.

Mary Margaret looks like a happy crier. Like, she can be crying and yet she’s trying to keep a happy face.

David is an idiot right now. Still love him but dude, seriously you stupid.

Off at the dwarfs house Snow comes back and apologizes to them and they all realize that the old Snow is back and they have an adorable group hug. She tells them that she can’t stay she has to go and find James. Grumpy tells her that she won’t be alone. They’re going to help her get him back.

At the police station Mary Margaret is making up her cell bed (She’s even cute and tidy in her jail cell!) and something drops under the bed. Mary Margaret pulls out one of Regina’s key of doom and finds out that the key unlocks the cell door.



Mary Margaret hears someone coming and quickly locks the door and hides the key.  Emma brings food and saying that the she believes she’s being framed and Regina’s behind it. And that’ll she’ll have to be smart to expose Regina.

Emma goes over to Mr. Gold to ask him to help her. Even though she doesn’t approve of his methods, she approves of the results. Operation: “Save Mary Margaret” is a go.

In Rumplestiltskin’s castle, we see him looking at Charming’s cloak for a piece of his hair for his new Charming shrine in his closet and puts it in the bottle with Snow White’s hair. Then the hairs join together and now Rumple has every potion and is all powerful. How exactly would you take that potion? Gross.

Like: “Here’s some hair! YAY TRUE LOVE, MAGIC, AND RAINBOWS!!!”

Off at the police station, we see that Mary Margaret’s cell is empty. YAY. BE FREEEEE!



(Not my pictures. I also don’t claim them as mine. But they’re pretty awesome.)


 The preview for next week we see that the Mad Hatter has drugged Emma and Kidnapped her and possibly Mary Margaret too.


  • What do we think Happened to Kathryn? Is she REALLY dead or is a stunt of Regina’s?
  • Does that Mad Hatter actually know what’s going on in Storybrook?
  • Henry remains to be the only smart one in this show
  • Will David realize that MM is innocent
  • Will Snow find Charming?

 Just because I’m nice and he’s pretty:

Once Upon a Time 1×15: “Red-Handed”



So it’s that time of the week again. MY FAVORITE DAY: Sunday!!!  Once Upon a Time is on tonight and I’m going to act all cool about it and not post a lot of pretty pictures of Josh Dallas from tonight’s episode in this recap. Just kidding, that’s not fun.

So last week we saw at the end of the episode that Kathryn still wasn’t found and that Emma had to take  (her dad) David to the police station. Um, technically she’s not arresting him. WHY put him in the BACK of the cop car. That’s just wrong lady.

  Now on to tonight’s episode and it starts off with Emma questioning David and asking him to tell her anything that he can think of. David is worried about Kathryn and hopes that she’s in a warm comfy place. Truthfully, I am too. We’ve seen Regina kill Graham (RIP Hottest Sheriff ever) and I wouldn’t put it past her if she tried to kill Kathryn too. David says that he doesn’t know why it says he called Abigail when he knows he didn’t. Emma says that: “Liars have better material.”

I kind of want to hit Emma. A lot. She just told David in the last episode that “I know when someone is lying, and David, he’s not lying.”

 Little Hypocrite. Emma tells him to go home and maybe get a lawyer. Now I noticed something when David leaves Emma’s office. I’ll bring that up in a later part. I feel like a little detective.

Back at Granny’s diner, Ruby is talking to August W Booth and she’s totally into him. They talk about him being in Nepal with Lemurs and give cute little looks and a few hair flips. Ruby says she’s never been out of StoryBrook. I would LOVE for someone to ask the town if they remember their lives. How they got there. How’d they all meet each other. Graham and Mary Margaret didn’t remember when they met exactly. Only that they’ve been really good friends for a long time. Maybe that could jog some memories?

Flash over to fairytale land we see that “Red” aka Ruby and Granny are in their little cottage and Reds boyfriend Peter is being a romantic guy and saying that they should run off together. 

Peter leaves and Granny and Red are met by some of the town villagers saying that they are going to go hunt the wolf. Red wants to help go hunt the wolf and Granny says no because she knows she wants to run off with Peter. Granny tells Red that they have to lock up the house and while Ruby sleeps, (she has to wear the cloak) she’ll keep guard by the door.

In StoryBrook Ruby is not happy that her Granny is telling her that she needs to start learning the ropes of the Diner, start doing the booking and things like that and working Saturdays. Granny says that Ruby has been acting like a child lately and Ruby says that it’s not true. That she wants a life. “I should be having adventures with Lemurs!!”

 Best. Line. Ever.
 Let’s go Ruby. I always did love watching Zooboomafoo.

 BTW: I’m pretty sure Ruby is wearing about two bump-it’s in her hair, y’all.

Ruby decides to quit and then if flashes off to the fairytale world. We see Red and Granny take all their defense barriers down and Red goes to collect eggs from the chicken coop. Something rustles near the corner and then Snow White pops up. Red decides to take Snow white in and asks Snow White her name. Because she is being hunted by people she calls herself “ Margaret.. no. Mary.”
YOU GUYSSSS… MARY MARGARET!!!??? I love how all the little pieces come together in this show. I geek out.

Before Mary and Red head back to the cottage they go to get some water. While Mary helps pull, Red see’s that the water is blood red. Red keeps telling Mary to come over and look at the water.

Does she not realize that’s blood? Ew.

Mary is frozen in fear from something and then we figure out when Red turns around it all the villagers from earlier the night before that went to hunt the wolf.

Hey look, dis-membered arms and blood … and stuff!!!!!

Back to Storybrook Emma and Mary Margaret are walking in down town talking about Kathryn and if she’s been found. Emma tells her that they still don’t know where she went and that after she gave Mary Margaret a “well deserved slap” she left and that they’re going to look bad until they find out the truth.

Mary Margaret notices Emma’s words and asked her if the slap was well deserved. Emma tells her that it wasn’t well deserved and that’s what a lot of people are going to say about David and MM. Okay, can we form a mini, one week group called: “SHUN EMMA!”

 I don’t care that it’s Mary Margaret’s kid and they’re going to realize it one day and that there’ll be tears and hugs and more tears. But Emma is totally bugging me this week. Maybe when she hangs out with Henry some more again, I’ll be back on her side. She’s dissing my favorite married in another world, couple people.

MM and Emma walk up on Ruby and Dr. Whale (played by David Anders) and he’s offering Ruby a ride out of town. Side note: You can’t leave town fools. I wonder if there’s an actual Barrier? Like, if you run your car at it, you get zapped. Heh.


I tweeted Anders and asked him jokingly what his fairytale character is. Of course he couldn’t say, but we will find out very soon. And I am SO excited, I have no idea who his character will be. Maybe he’ll be Ariel’s husband? Hmm..



Dr. Whale leaves and Ruby tells Emma and MM that she’s off to explore the world.. Or at least go somewhere other than Storybrook.

Mary Margaret being the adorable, generous person that she is, offers Ruby a place to stay at her house for a while. Emma isn’t too excited about the idea but caves anyway. Get over it lady. It isn’t your house. It’s your moms.

Flash over to Fairytale world we see a group of people at a meeting to stop the wolf. Red, Granny, and Mary all come to the meeting. Red see her man and tries to go sit with him but Buzz kill Granny stops her and starts a huge speech about how they shouldn’t go and find the wolf but hide and keep your children inside. Granny actually witnessed her 6 older brothers try and kill the wolf, but it killed them all. The wolf attacked granny and left her with a huge scar on her arm. Later at the cottage Mary tells Red that she knows that she wants to be with Peter. Red asks Mary if she has someone she loves, and Mary says that she doesn’t.



Mary says that it’s wrong for Granny to keep Red away from peter by using the wolf as an excuse. Red thinks that if she can kill the wolf, that she can be with Peter. Mary is not happy with this idea.

In Storybrook Mary Margaret decides to try and find Kathryn or at least look for some clues. While walking in the woods, Mary Margaret hears someone coming only to realize it’s David. And all the fan girls get together on the couch and hope they kiss in the woods. Which would be kind of inappropriate, but no one cares. At all.

When Mary Margaret asks if David is looking for Kathryn he says “I’m looking”

Mary Margaret then says that they’ll keep looking and she’ll stand by David, no matter what.

Then David is still staring off and once again says “I’m looking” and is in a trans of some sort. OKAY, now I am actually rewatching and I realized earlier, right when David walks out of Emma’s office at the beginning of the episode, you see his face goes blank and he then starts his whole trans thing. I just like to point that out and that I am very observant. I feel awesome. HA!

Back to Red and Mary searching for the wolf, they see animal prints in the snow and follow it. Mary Margaret sees animal tracks. Then they suddenly turn into boot prints. This wolf is a werewolf people.

In StoryBrook, Henry is with Ruby at the police station trying to find Ruby a job. Henry mentions a job like a messenger, like “where you deliver stuff to people in a little basket”

This show just casually pops in little related fairytale stuff. I LOVE THEM.

Red and Mary follow the footprints and it leads them back to the cottage up to Ruby’s window. Ruby realizes that Peter is the wolf. Ruby goes and talks with Peter and they decide that they should tie him up to make sure he can’t get out and harm anyone.

Side note: I really do like this Peter guy.

Mary tells Ruby to tell Peter that he is the wolf. That she can save him, and everyone.

Back to Storybrook, Ruby goes to the dinner to get lunch and she tries to show her Granny that she is better off and that she’s “basically a sheriff now” and that she’s happier.

Ruby goes back to the Sheriff’s office and Emma decides to let Ruby help her with David.

Ruby and Emma go searching in the woods and Ruby uses her wolf senses and ends up finding David. When Emma gets her daddy David to wake up, they all realize that he doesn’t remember anything since he left Emma’s office since the night before.

David is an adorable, oblivious, amnesia person.

Emma and Ruby take David to the hospital and Dr. Whale tells them that besides dehydration , and a few scratches, it’s mostly likely still the affects from his coma. David wonders that if he could have made the phone call with out remembering, he could have killed Kathryn. Poor thing. I’ll hug you, really!! It’s no trouble at all.


Anyway, Regina ( speak of the evil little queen herself) comes in and is all like “WHAT’S WRONG WITH HIM!!”


Regina: But I’m still his emergency contact!                                                                  

Audience: burn that emergency contact information sheet, please


Once again, DIEEE REGINNAAA!!!  What?  She makes me violent.

Emma calls Ruby and asks her to go to the Toll Bridge because that’s where David was when they found him originally.

Ruby finds a box and screams. Wonder what’s in the box? Nothing good, obviously.

Off in fairytale world, Mary is caught acting like Red. Granny finds out and tells her that Peter is the wolf and that Red tied him up so he couldn’t kill anyone. Granny is not happy about this new revelation.

We see Peter tied up to the tree yelling at red saying “No, Red! Don’t!”

At first I thought he’s saying “Yo, girlfriend of mine get away before I eat you..”

But no. YOU GUYS. Peter isn’t the wolf!



 Red, the werewolf  lady, eats her boyfriend. Let’s all take a moment to remember him. He was cute.

Granny and Mary try and find Red. Granny tells Mary she can find Red easily because Granny is…was a wolf herself. Her main wolf-ness has basically died off but she still has she smell scenes. They find Red, shoot her, and put the cloak on her. THE CLOAK makes red not change into a wolf. This show is genuisssss. When Red is back in her human form they try to get her away before she realizes that she is the wolf, and ya know, just snacked on her boyfriend. Red sees what happened and realizes she the wolf and soon they hear the angry villagers and Mary gets Red to run off into the woods with her to keep her safe.

Back In Storybrook, Ruby goes back to the diner and apologizes to her Granny and says she wants to come back. Granny told her the only reason she wanted her to learn the ropes of the diner is because one day, when Granny is gone she wants to pass down the restaurant to someone she knows and loves that will take care of the place.

Ruby then hugs Granny and it’s just a huge love-hug palooza.

Meanwhile, over in the vet’s office of distraught pretty people, David is freaking out about him possibly killing Kathryn. Mary Margaret tells David that there has to be a good explanation for everything. David replies that it’s most likely not a good one.

Before MM and David can finish their conversation Emma walks in and talks with them. Emma tells Mary Margaret and David that they found a heart in a box and they think it’s Kathryn’s. Of course David starts crying. And then my soul starts crying along with David. It’s not right to make that man cry.  Emma tells them that they found finger prints on the box. David being the sad, noble little man he is, immediately tells Emma to arrest him.


Emma quickly says that the finger prints weren’t his. They were Mary Margaret’s.



Emma: *awkwardly shuffles feet* Sorry! got to take you in lady, you look really guilty MM…                                     

MM: But im too nice to go to jail. I AM YOUR MOTHER. You’ll find out in about 9 episodes.

David: WUT??? *teary, intense stare*



Lastly I would like to say how much I LOVEDDDD this episode. I also love Meghan Ory so much more than I already did. She’s on my list of: “NEVER KILL OFF!”

I love Ruby and Red and I love the relationship she has with Snow White in Fairytale land.
So I would like to give all the invisible awards and hugs to Meghan this week. She is the bomb.

Looking for someone who..

Hey everyone! So there’s no OUAT this Sunday ( feb. 26 ) but I am recapping 1×10 “7:15 am” this weekend because I feel like it 😉

Okay, so I’m looking for someone that needs a recapper for Once Upon a Time. I really would like for more people to see my recaps and for me to write for someone other than my twitter followers.
Anyway, if someone sees this can they tweet or comment below directing me to them?


“Love isn’t easy. It’s fought for.” Once Upon a Time: 1×13 recap


I drew this. 🙂

Hey guys, it’s Lexi! So I haven’t recapped “Once Upon a Time” before but I have watched it from the beginning and it has easily become my favorite show. This episode (1×13) in particular kind of made me have so many emotions that I had to vent on something more than twitter … and to my mom. She watches with me every week. She has such great commentary during the show, it makes my day.

Okay and here we go. (I’m rewatching while typing. Kaboom)

So this week it starts off with a flashback … (er flash-worlds?) to fairytale land it shows Abigail heading to her wedding and we find out that Evil adoptive King Daddy is going to kill James because he ran away and didn’t want to marry Abigail. Smart man. Cue Josh Dallas riding off into the woods on a horse. He’s so attractive on a horse you guys I can barely contain myself and not tweet Dallas himself during the show saying how pretty he is (and that we should get married and talk about ponies.)

After Charming escapes the evil guards someone else attacks him and puts a sack over his head. I bet he’s thinking “Why me?”

First his woman “Doesn’t want him anymore and never loved him.” Then his adoptive father is like “I Kill you if you don’t married Abigail…” Then he had to leave his momma. Let me hug you, dude.

Flashback to Modern day and David and Kathryn are eating dinner. My hate for the lady is really high because I she does something mean in a little bit. We’ll get to that later. Anyway while at dinner Kathryn mentions that she applied to law school and got in. He asks why she never told him. Cue moms commentary:

Mom: maybe she never told you because you were in a coma?! DUH.

Had to add this. Pause it on my tv and then this happened. 😉

Kathryn was afraid that she couldn’t get into law school and she got an acceptance letter. Yay for you, Kathryn. No one likes you still. David mentions that it’s in Boston and Kathryn just wants to make new memories and have a fresh start. She sucks the fun out of everything.

(Please just go be a cat lady.)

Back in fairytale land, Charming gets all brave and is like: “If you’re going to kill me, at least im prettier than you.”

Right before Charming is stabbed, Abigail appears and I actually like her. Sorta, maybe, not.

Abigail tells Charming that she doesn’t want to harm Charming and she’s going to help him escape and that she knows he loves Snow White, not her. I like this version of Abigail (down with Kathryn) she’s got spunk. I hate whiny ladies that find their man after a coma, and show them pictures of their little (I’m pretty sure dead) dog Ajax.

Back to Modern world, David texts Mary Margaret saying they need to talk and take a moonlit stroll down the town streets and make-out more.

MM told David that they finally need to tell Abigail that him and Mary Margaret want to be together (because her love lifts him up where he belongs and that she’s the reason he lives.)
MM:“If we can’t be honest with her, how can we be honest with each other?”

Mom: this happened yesterday in the movie with her. She always picks the dumb guys who are taken.

Me: yeah! But they want to be with her foreverrrrr.

(We watched Something Borrowed with Ginny and Kate Hudson)

David and Mary Margaret make more lovely eyes at each other and agree that he will tell Kathryn about what’s been going on and that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. FINALLY. Then David tells Mary Margaret he chooses her. *swoon*

Later, we see Emma headed off to the diner to meet Mary Margaret and mystery motorcycle writer man who is an obvious “not that hot, but kind of cute replacement for Graham” hits on Emma for like the 1oth time and is like:

“I really want to have a drink wiff you… be my gurlfwiend?”

Emma who is the smart one out of the group worries about how biker man could be an axe murderer and she doesn’t even know his name. He claims that his name is August W. Booth. Will this be significant in the future? I hope, because it’s weird. Yeah I discriminate against weird character names. He doesn’t look like an August. PS: The W. stands for Wayne.

Emma sits down with Mary Margaret and they have a (little mother-daughter) best friend time. MM is curious about August and Emma tells MM that it’s nothing.
MM: “Nothing with you means something, because if it were nothing, we wouldn’t be talking about it.”

I genuinely LOVE when Mary Margaret’s Snow White side shows. Or how similar her and Emma are. I really just want them to realize they’re mother and daughter and have a nice long cry. UGH.

Anyway Emma asks MM what she wanted to talk to her about. MM tells Emma that she couldn’t stay away from David and Emma knows that she didn’t. MM is shocked.

Emma: “Because I am a sheriff and you’re a lovesick school teacher.”

Mary Margaret: I’ve been discreet.

Emma: Two teacups in the sink? New perfume? The late nights? Plunging necklines?

Mary Margaret: Plunging?

Emma: When I met you, you were a top button girl.

Did I mention how adorable Mary Margaret is?

Later, David goes home and tells Kathryn that he doesn’t want to be with her or go to Boston. CLEARLY leaving out the part where he’s been making out on picnic date’s with Mary Margaret by the river and making out in alley ways.

“You’re right, you need a fresh start. Just not with me.”

Cue flashback scene.

JOSH DALLAS ON A HORSE. God Bless this show.

After Abigail gets Charming to safety, he asks her why she’s showing him any kindness, if she has no feelings for him. She says that it’s not about him. It’s about her. Ooh upfront and sassy. Yeah, I like Abigail. She can stay. She says that she hoped that she could reunite Charming with Snow and that would give her some consolation because the man that she loved sacrificed himself to save her father. Charming tells her that Snow White does not love him and he can’t fight for something that doesn’t exist.


Later Abigail shows Charming the monument and the statue of her fiancé. Charming comments on how the statue is almost life like. Abigail says that it’s as life like as it gets because that IS her man in there. I quickly think that, that’s really going to smell in a few days. But Abigail says that when he saved her father Midas, he was turned to gold. Everything Midas touches, turn to gold. The only way that he can be un…golded and alive is if Charming goes to Lake Nostos, where the water can return something to you that was lost, he can save Abigail’s fiancé. But of course a siren is guarding the lake and everyone that’s been there has been killed by her. Wonderful.

Charming: “None have my fearless bravery.”

He’s cute and adorable when being all determined.

Cue modern day scene where Mr. August W Booth is doing something to Henry’s book. GIVE THE CHILD HIS BOOK BACK. DON’T MESS WITH MY HENRY. I thought he was cleaning off the book but my mom mentioned he might be changing the storyline. NOT GOOD. I hope this guy is good. Because Regina doesn’t like him and seems a little put off by him. One point for August Booth.

Regina gives Henry a little game that looks like it from 1985 and it has pacman on it. She tells him she hopes it cheers him up since he lost the “LIFE: a storybook of how my adoptive mom killed my grandpa, won’t let me hang out with mom, my grandma is Snow White and no one knows their real identities.”

Also, Regina gives really awkward hugs. Regina is the equivalent of Voldemort. They’re evil; both inadequately loved and have magic. Either way, watching them give hugs is painful.

During awkward hug with evil mommy, Kathryn comes barging in crying. Regina, nice as she is tells Kathryn, that David and Mary Margaret are having an affair. Truthfully as much as Regina is evil, I’m 99% sure she thought Abigail knew they were having an affair.. till she went an told her. Just my opinion. But seeing as how nice Regina is, she had pictures of MM & David on their cute little dates and Kathryn flips and goes to the school where MM is.

David calls MM telling her that he told Abigail about them being together and MM just looks all happy and smiley. Too bad trouble is coming. All of a sudden Abigail pops up at the school and slaps Mary Margaret. SHE SLAPS HER. IN A SCHOOL. WITH CHILDREN. THAT WOMAN. Abigail says that David did not tell Mary Margaret everything. So he lied to her as well. Abigail says that they were made for each other. Well, YEAH lady. Spot on.

Also: SHE SLAPPED Mary Margaret. THAT’S JUST SO IMMORAL. She is made up of rainbow, magic, and unicorns. I hate Abigail.

Back in the land of pretty princess’ and men on horses:

Charming heads off the lake determined to kill the monster. When Charming calls to the beast to come out in fight, it’s a pretty little lady but EVILLLL because she’s a siren that can easily kill him. Can we take a moment and ask why Charming’s shirt is not off? It’s a lake. You can take you shirt off man. NOW, NOW WOULD BE GOOD.

The siren appears and says that she can give whatever the person desires and suddenly she turns into Snow White. He is quickly compelled by the siren and they start making out and I’m just like: al$**#)_!3o#EOG#OING@*I@R)@)

Who cares, if it’s a fake Snow White?

Finally Charming, not sold on the fake Snow’s “I love you.” He is the first to ever fight off being sired and killed. (Hate the word “sired” for many reasons.)

Well, then siren lady doesn’t like the whole, “YOU AREN’T MAH WOMAN.” And she body slams him into the water and tries to kill him. Quick thinking he finds a knife and kills the siren, succeeding and not dying.

Back in modern day, August finally gets Emma to go on “ a date” with him and they go to a part of the woods where there is a well with water of “magical properties”. Emma is kind of attracted to writer motorcycle man and I DO NOT approve. REMEMER GRAHAM, Emma?

That was for you Jamie Dornan. I miss you.

Later, August then pushes her into the well and carries on his serial killer tendencies.

As Mary Margaret is walking through town, everyone is looking at her, giving her looks. Mary Margaret accidentally bumps into the little old lady, Ruby’s mom, (who I think if the writers feel like it could be she cou- DUDE SHES THE OLD LADY THAT GETS EATEN BY THE WOLF IN LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD. OOF! I am writing this at 1 in the morning, okay?

Anyway, Old woman tells MM that she should be ashamed of herself, referring to her and David going behind Abigail’s back. Listen, lady no one likes Abigail anyway okay? Then Mary Margaret starts crying. NOT COOL OLD WOMAN. Too much crying in tonight’s episode.

Awww <3"

Also, STOP with the Josh Dallas crying gif’s on tumblr. It’s depressing.

Mary Margaret walks by David and I’m assuming it’s her car? Look, your boyfriend is cleaning your newly “tramp” spray painted car MM!! That’s love. MM tells him that she lied and that they can’t be together. And David said he didn’t want anyone to get hurt. Mary Margaret says it’s too late and that everyone is hurt now. BAD DAVID, BAD.

It’s okay, we still love you. Major flaws and all.

MM: ”What we have is destructive and has to stop…” Cue more crying.

As Emma is heading back to her cute little yellow car, she sees Henry’s box where he kept the story book and pulls it out and then we see August hiding behind a corner making sure Emma gets the book. I HOPE HE ISN’T EVIL…

Kathryn goes back to Regina’s office and apologizes for flipping out and being mean. She tells Regina that she wrote David and MM that she wrote them both letters saying sorry and that she understands everything now and that David never looks at her like he does at MM and she decided to move to Boston, alone. Regina gives her a hug and then her EVILL face turns on.

Flashback to Abigail and Charming; He brings her the magic lake water and pours it all over her fiancé. Before I found out who was under the armor, I guess that it was going to be August but it wasn’t. it was the guy that Kathryn smacked into on her way to slap MM. Interesting.

Charming: “Love isn’t easy, it must be fought for.”

Charming says that he’s going to go find Snow White and be wiff her forever. *tears!*

Off in modern day we see with her keychain with a million keys, with skulls might I add, (how heavy is that thing?) and ALSO Regina has a key to mostly every house. Comforting. She goes into Kathryn’s house and burns the letter that Kathryn left for David. So does Regina burn MM’s letter too?

Emma goes to visit Henry because evil jerk of a person forbid Emma and Henry for seeing each other. THAT’S HIS MOMMY, YOU JERK.

Anyway, Emma surprises Henry with his book, and I’m just all gushy from this scene. I’m still waiting for Henry to call Emma “Mommy, Mom, or Momma.” I thought he said Momma last week and I just sat there hugging my cat. I also would love to see her hug Henry. These are my expectations, writers. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Back in fairytale land, Charming goes to find Snow and he finds from Red (Riding Hood) out that Snow White isn’t there, because she went to find him. When Charming finds out that Snow actually DOES love him and says he will always find her. The kings men find Charming and try to kill him. Red gets on the horse with Charming and they ride away to find Snow.

Mom: Hey. Good thinking! He’s smart! She’s sitting behind him on the horse. If they shoot at him him, she’ll die! Not him.

I’d also like to say that I LOVE Meghan Ory. She’s totally underappreciated. Plus as Ruby she doesn’t really get to shine. But I LOVE her as Little Red Riding Hood. She’s super awesome and pretty.

In modern day, MM is mouring the loss over her hot, slightly stupid, kinda, sorta, not really, boyfriend (HUSBAND.)

This is also a mushy lovely moment for me. I love seeing Ginny and Jen work together. And then Emma and MM together all I can think is: “THAT’S YOUR DAUGHTER YOU NEVER GOT A CHANCE TO KEEP. THAT’S YOUR MOMMY, EMMA.”

Yeah. These are my thoughts during the show. Not: OMG! Poor Mary Margaret. Also, would it have hurt Emma to hug MM? I’m sorry, I’m a huge hugger. It shows, doesn’t it?

Finally we see Kathryn heading to Boston, which we all know isn’t going to happen because no one leaves Storybrooke. I was hoping for like a stabbing or something. I’m not crazy. Really. But it’s regina. She set poisonous snakes on her fairyland husband, STABBED HER FATHER, had guards kill Charming, KILLED MY GRAHAM BY CRUSHING HIS HEART (with her bare hands). Get my point?

Anyway Kathryn’s fairytale fiancé sees that Kathryn wrecked her car and goes to see if she’s okay and finds out that she’s not in the car. Then it flashes over to Lana Parrilla giving the screen a creepy stare. BOOM. The end. I … we, have to wait two weeks till OUAT comes back on and I’m truly annoyed. I’m tired of hiatus’. I watch too much tv.


  • What do we think happened to Kathryn?
  • Will MM and David EVER get to be together?
  • Will MM, D, and Emma all realize they’re family?
  • Will Charming finally get to Snow?

Hope you guys enjoyed this. I feel so much better I put my thoughts out there and had more than 140 character to write with.

The secret circle update:

Hi guys,
So I have been sick lately and I have had a lot of band competitions over the last few weeks. We had our upper state competition last Saturday and I’m sad to say that on my senior year, we were not able to go on to state. Our show was fantastic and I just didn’t have much time during the last couple of weeks to recap anything or watch all of my shows. School definitely comes first. When I did get to watch TSC episodes, right after Nick was killed off, I wasn’t into the show as much. I have started to find it lacking in plot, characters and just in general. Maybe it’s bad I compare it to other shows. Maybe not. I will continue to watch the secret circle but at this moment, I am not going to recap it. If it keeps going at the horrible rate it’s at and becomes worse, there’s a huge chance I’ll just stop watching. I’m really hoping that it’s just been a few slow episodes and that it will pick up again. I was seriously excited to be recapping this show and letting Melissa put them on her site. Considering that I want to be a journalist for my major in college next summer, I’m really upset with myself that I have to stop recapping. I do not want to be that kid that promises someone something, and then goes back on their word. So, this is just to let you know that for now, I have stopped writing TSC recaps and that I don’t want to, but I just mentally cannot stay with this show and write about it.
Hopefully new recaps to come, from new shows even! 🙂

Also, thank you Melissa for even letting me put my recaps on your site. I love you! 😀 see you in the kiddie pool 😉

Ps- thank you Thomas Galvin for mentioning me in your “show recaps of the week” blog. I may have fan girled.

The Secret Circle: “Bound” Recap

The Secret Circle

Alright! So last week we learned about Cassie and how she’s a witch and that her mom wanted to protect her from all the witchy stuff. But ya know, it didn’t work. Go figure. Somewhere her mother is hitting her head on a wall repeatedly in heaven.

The very first thing we see is Cassie reading over that stupid “People want your power, they’re coming after you. SORRY I DIED. LOVE YOU BUNCHES! XOXO!” letter again. Seriously, this woman has scarred her child and it wasn’t even intentional.

Cassie then decides after reading her mother’s book of shadows, to try and light a candle on fire with her brain. She says “Give me light!” and stares at it. If that candle could talk, it would just be laughing at her right about now. After a few failed attempts, she tries it one last time. The candle still doesn’t light up. Instead, the curtains open and lots of sunlight pours in. Voila! She isn’t a dud witch. She stares at amazement and then cut to the opening credits and CUE THE CREEPY INTRO MUSIC! (I’ll never recover from this song.)

Next we see that window stalker boy aka Cassie’s neighbor aka Nick Armstrong just got cozy with Melissa, Faye’s BFF. Oddly enough that’s not a shocker. They both bug me. She’s needy and insecure, and he’s just cocky and all about his self-appearance. I probably will end up liking Melissa though. She needs to stop being Faye’s sidekick and be herself. Anyway, while Nick and Melissa get ready for school he peeks in on Cassie (again for the what, third time in two episodes?)

This guy is so not subtle.

Anyway he flexes every ab and face muscle he has and fails to be attractive. (Team Adam and his eyeliner foreverrrr!!) Cassie has the same reaction to his face as I do and tries to magically close the curtains. Once again she fails the first two times. The third time she yells “Close! NOW!” and she breaks stalker boys window. A+ Cassie.

Back at the Aquatic Mystic Grill, Adam asks his dad what’s up with Charles and their constant bickering (And making Ethan drown on his own drink.). He’s basically saying “Don’t ruin my relationship with Diana. K, BYE!”

Later, we see Faye leaving for school. When she opens the door it’s none other than Mr. Rogers. Okay, it’s her granddaddy in a vest, polo shirt combo. Close enough. “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood, Would you be mine? Could you be mine?”

Next evil mommy principal aka Dawn, has a talk in Casa de EVILL with Mr. Rogers. I wondered why she called him by his first name instead of “Dad” but it’s her father in law aka Henry. Makes a lot more sense. I bet she’ll kill him!!! She has that look on her face like: “I hate you.” Mommy Principal tells him he’s welcome to stay as long as he likes. He then responds: “It’s my home, I can stay as long as I like.”


Cassie heads to school and is power walking down the hallway. Then some girl named Sally Matthews just jumps into step next to her and smiles and says “Hi!” all chipper like. I have some problems with this girl:

  • One: It’s 2011. No one is named Sally in this decade. It’s not a common name. (Sorry if your name is Sally.)
  • Two: Sally is so going to die soon. She’s too nice and Cassie and she are now going to be great friends.
  • Three: Oh and she’s Class President and in charge of the school fair. Yep, she’s a goner.

Sally convinces Cassie to go to the fair. Faye interrupts and steals Cassie away from Sally. She apologizes (not very convincingly) about creating the huge thunderstorm on the dock. Faye then mentions if Diana asked Cassie if they’d talked about “Binding the circle”. Faye says that Cassie should tell Diana no to binding the circle. Faye wants her own individual power. Cassie tells Faye off and I want to give her a huge slow building clap.

Then Cassie heads to her Chemistry class. While starting up her lab project Faye and Melissa do a little magic and make their beaker of water bubble and boil. Well, that’s one way to get the time to pass by in class. To have some more fun they make Cassie’s beaker start to boil and then it explodes. Thank goodness for those ugly safety goggles. Cassie becomes mad and makes Faye’s beaker explode and catch on fire. Cassie’s brain magical powers FTW! Cassie freaked out, runs into the hallway and Adam follows her and tells her that he can help her control her magical probs.

Adam and Cassie then head over to the creepy killer abandoned house to work on controlling her magic. Adam tells Cassie the story of how all six of them have had a parent die, the original circle, because they didn’t bind the circle and their magic got all wacky. Binding it is the only way they can utilize their power & keep it controlled. Adam then shows Cassie how to control her power. Adam tells her to use a cable, a light bulb and try to light it up by herself. While giving longing looks and almost kissing each other… again, Cassie lights up the light bulb so much from staring at Adams face, it explodes from so much magic and heat. After declaring “This was a bad idea!!! Oops almost kissed your non-available self, I’ve know you for a week.” She runs off.

We see Mommy principal checking out some cool stuff at some lame booth at the fair and her stalker dad in law, aka Mr. Rodgers comes up behind her at the fair. He tells her that Charles threatened Ethan. Saying that “How could Charles harm Ethan?” They have no powers. Daddy in law’s circle took their powers away when they were younger. Dawn tells Henry the doppelganger of Mr. Rogers, that she’ll do anything to keep Faye safe. Later, she has a secret meeting with Charles and he gives the magical mini rock to Dawn for safe keeping.

Later Cassie heads over to the aquatic Mystic Grill and asks Ethan what he meant the other night about “Our families are aligned in the stars.” He averts the question by kind of answering it. He just said that every time he was around Cassie’s mom, she made him smile, and he was happy as he could ever be. (EXCUSE US! WE NEED A BOX OF TISSUE AND A PUPPY TO HUG.)

Later, Cassie and Adam talk about how “We were just trying to control your magic with our lips Yeah? Diana’s okay with it.” About 20 feet away Diana is glaring at the back of Cassie and Adam’s heads. Faye doesn’t help the cause by saying “You’re so close to losing him.”

Okay, can I point out that Adam and Cassie are basically sitting on both sides of the bench? They’re not linking arms and saying “You’re cute! No you’re cuter!!!” They can’t be any farther apart.

Later Cassie heads to the Fair, where we see Faye being all flirty with Nick and Melissa gets jealous. Faye is oblivious, or maybe not as much as I think. Who knows? Later as Cassie is about to go find Sally, Faye blocks her and gets all annoying and obnoxious. She starts another stupid storm and Cassie tries and makes her stop. Sally comes in all innocent trying to steal Cassie away and have some carnival fun and Faye ends up power pushing Sally into the rocks off the dock and killing her. BRILLANT, lady. Faye’s mom uses the magical stone and brings Sally back to life. YAY!! Sally lives to see another day.

After the fair, Dawn comes home and Mr. Rogers finds out that not only is Charles evil, so is his daughter-in-law. He then tells her he is going to take the rock away and foil their plan. Party crasher. GOSH. EVILLL principal then uses the rock and says “It’d be a shame if you had another heart attack.” She then uses the rock and kills him with a heart attack. That cold, evil lady.

Later, Adam meets up with Cassie and convinces to let him give her a ride. As soon as she’s in the car, the streetlamp light bulb above them explodes. WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO START DATING??

Diana and the rest of the gang all head off to the lake to bind their magic as one. They read a few words from her dead mommy book of shadows and then BOOM the big bon fire they have going on, blows up a little and apparently their powers are all connected.

End this week’s episode. CUE THE CREEPY THEME MUSIC. Why can’t they have something different? Now I’m going to have to go to bed with that in my head.

Okay, so I LOVE THIS SHOW. It’s awesome. I’ll have to say that the pilot was the BEST. Next week looks really good, so I’m super excited about this whole thing. Lastly, a few things: When will Adam and Cassie ACTUALLY KISS? When will Faye stop being annoying. Will EVILLL principal mommy end up ditching Charles for protecting her daughter. Why is Britt Robertson so awesome?

The Secret Circle Recap:

So this is my first recap. It’s a little long. Is it just right, considering the show is an hour long? Enjoy! 🙂

The Secret Circle

So, The Secret Circle pilot finally aired last Thursday. Kevin Williamson writer of “The Vampire Diaries”, and every other awesome script he has ever written, wrote it. Bless him, that writing god. Before even deciding to watch it, I was extremely skeptical. I was saying to myself “These promotional photos look way too photo shopped and dorky.” Anyway, whatever Kevin is a part of I’m definitely going to watch. Now I can’t believe I ever doubted Kevin and his writing skills. This show was amazing and it was only the pilot. I’m working on my shrine to Kevin. It’ll include twinkling lights, music and a really big picture of his face. I’ll stop before this gets creepy…

(Or stalker-ish. Judge it however you want.)

So I actually got to watch TSC three days early because iTunes was promoting it. I was like “THIS IS SO ILLEGAL!!” since it was the whole episode but it wasn’t and I took advantage of it being free.

Okay, it’s 9:00. The very beginning has creepy music. Not just music, but a child singing quietly. Seriously I hate that. Creepy children are just… creepy. Finding a nightlight as we speak.

I must say any CW show has the BEST music. So much love for the song while Cassie is driving in the middle of nowhere. That always turns out great. 17-year-old girls are always the ones that are goners. *Insert creepy axe murderer here*

Suddenly an obnoxious driver honks and drives around Cassie. Right after that, her tire blows. The nice man drives off instead of helping her. People these days. Cassie calls her mom and tells her she has a flat and will be home soon. While her mom is cooking, the crazy driver pulls up at Cassie’s house and gets out. It’s none other than Gale Harold. *Swoon*

So I’m sitting there yelling at my TV, comments like: “You’re pretty!” “I love you!”

Charles, which is Gale Harold’s character in the show, steps out and walks over near the window to watch while Amelia, Cassie’s mom cook. Charles empties a bottle of water on the ground. (How stupid. Children in Africa could use that, buddy.) After he dumps the water out, the sink breaks and water goes everywhere in the kitchen. This is going to be a rough night for mommy. I suddenly realize Mr. Charles is not a nice man. Then he takes out a pack of matches and lights one on fire. The stove then begins to catch on fire. BAD, GALE HAROLD! You are supposed to stand there and look pretty. Charles then sets the rest of the matches on fire and blows up the house. Adios Mama.

Then we see Cassie driving off somewhere a month after her mom died and all I want to sing is “To Grandmother’s house we go”. She finally reaches her grandma’s and gets settled in. I’m feeling a very “Charmed” Halliwell house vibe. Where’s the Book of Shadows? Later, when Cassie is preparing for bed, her grandma says “if you have trouble sleeping, your mom used to count the stars.” Cassie looks confused. Am I the only smart one that thought of those little green glow stick stars we had when we were little? No? Okay. Something tells me these stars mean something symbolic or of high importance. The next day Cassie goes to school and the principal tells Cassie that she and her mom were great friends a long time ago.

“I bet she didn’t talk about me much?” she asks. Cassie tells her that her mom didn’t really talk about her old life. I have a feeling that this lady will hold some personal grudges against Cassie just because her mom walked up and left. The principal smiles too much. That’s WARNING SIGN: NUMERO UNO.

Later, Cassie attempts to find and open her locker. She sees a guy staring at her from the other side of the hall. Is he a really hot potential stalker boy with eyeliner? Or ya know, maybe he’s born with it. Anyway, he pulls an Edward Cullen and runs away. Only then does Cassie fail at opening her locker and two girls come out of nowhere. They basically tell her she’s pretty and point out that she’s new and smile. These girls are on my invisible hit list. I already don’t like them. The whole “Don’t judge a book by its cover…” yeah, that’s being thrown out the window. Then creepy girl tells her to try her lock again and leaves. The lock magically opens. No pun there, really. That’d be cheesy. OH LOOK, it’s Harvard girl! I mean, Diana, AKA the principal’s niece. She smiles a lot too. Like Mother, like Niece. Diana tells Cassie that the girl was named Faye and that she was the daughter of the principal. This family is already weird. This set aside, I actually like Diana.

She tells Cassie to meet at the “Boathouse Grill”. It’s like the aquatic sister of the Mystic Grill! Cassie arrives at the Boathouse Grill and then a guy comes up behind her and asks her “You’re Amelia’s girl?” It was more of a statement, like he was probably that stalker crush that followed her mom everywhere when they were little. Then he tells her that he was in love with her mother. See? Stalker. Then cute eyeliner boy interrupts and we find out it’s his dad, Ethan, and that daddy dearest is played out to be the town drunk. Oh Kevin Williamson, its Alaric’s secret brother, isn’t it? Eyeliner boy introduces himself as Adam. Adam sits Cassie down while he goes and gets her a menu. As Adam leaves, Faye and her BFF sit down.

(I think this town is full of stalkers.)

She then starts getting annoying and personal and says to Cassie, “He (Adam) really does go for the sad, delicate types.” Cassie tells Faye she’s not feeling too delicate, leaves. Faye just has this dumb look on her face. “EPIC FAIL” needs to be stamped on her forehead. The lovely and awesome Faye sets Cassie’s car on fire with her brain and locks the doors. Adam rushes out and tries to get Cassie out of the car but he can’t open it. Adam stares at the fire with his eyes and it magically goes out and he saves Cassie and carries her out of the car. Right then and there I ship Adam and Cassie. Now I need a tree to write their names in a heart that says: “Cassie and Adam 4EVR”

Also, where can I start a petition that says: DOWN WITH FAYE?

Adam and Cassie share personal lovely “Thanks for saving me” words and they’re just chilling out on the back of Adam’s jeep. I just want to run to him and yell “LET ME LOVE YOU!” Then Diana interrupts my happy moment. Diana and Adam let Cassie know they’re dating. By kissing on each other’s faces. Okay, I hate pretty Harvard girl (not really). Diana then tells Adam to take Cassie home. I’m secretly hoping they inappropriately make-out in the drive way. But no, they drive home and give longing looks. Have I mentioned they’ve known each other for 8 hours? Yeah, I don’t care either. Adam tells her that he and Diana have been dating for three years. MOVE ON BUDDY, YOU’RE A TEENAGER. DON’T BE ALL LOVEY DOVEY, COMITTMENT! THAT’S NOT A NATURAL TEENAGE BOY THING!

The next day Cassie goes into town looking for her grandma. Instead she runs into a man. It’s none other than Charles. (AKA THE MAN WHO KILLED YO MOMMA, woman.) Then we find out its Diana’s dad. OH SNAP. Then Diana says that she can help Cassie and takes her on a little trip into the woods. I wouldn’t follow her into the woods. Then they come up to a creep old house. Ditch her and run, Cassie. A group of people, which consists of Adam, Diana, Faye, creepy window boy and Faye’s BFF, Basically they tell her she’s a witch. They say she is the 6th person. She completes the circle. Hence the name of the show. She then runs away into the woods. Then pretty Adam follows her to stop her and calm her down. Adam then shows her that she’s a witch. They make all the little dew drops float and I feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside now. Oh, and they almost make-out. (YAY)

But then runs away. Boo. Cassie then heads back to The aquatic Mystic Grill and asks Ethan why her mom left. Ethan tells her that “Our families are aligned in the stars. Just like you and Adam are.” He won’t tell her what it means. I get it. It’s obvious. They’re SOUUULLL MATEEESS. *puppy dog eyes* Cassie gets upset about why her mom didn’t tell her anything. Cassie runs out of the restaurant. We see Faye walking to the end of the dock and turns off all the dock lights and she makes a huge thunderstorm. Diana tries to stop Faye but then a lightning bolt hits Diana. Great job Faye, you just got your cousin shocked. Is this girl stupid? Faye tries to stop the storm but she can’t. Cassie then comes in like Zeus and stops the storm by simply saying “make it stop”.

Cassie is the bomb. That is all.

Later after Cassie gets home we see Ethan (at the bar, where else?) and Charles comes in. He threatens Ethan saying if he keeps talking, it’ll cost him. “What would happen if you fell off that dock out there? You’d drown. No one would find your body for days.” Charles then uses his epic magic powers and literally makes Ethan choke on his own water… or alcohol, I’m guessing. He says that if Ethan says anything else, he’ll kill him. Happy Thursday, Ethan!!!!

Later that night, Cassie’s grandmother informs her that she has a visitor. It’s none other than my new TV boyfriend. I mean, Adam!!! Adam comes to apologize to Cassie, and that he’s also sorry he tried to kiss her. (And that he’s happily in love with Diana. Loser.) “It can’t happen again.” YES IT CAN. I have no morals. Kiss him, Cassie.

We see Auntie Principal and Charles making their evil plan at Casa de EVILLL. They want Cassie for something. Apocalypse time, maybe?

At the end of the episode, Cassie is sitting in bed and part of the fireplace pokes out (not creepy). Cassie opens it and inside is a notebook, it was her moms. It has a note in it saying that “If you’re reading this, then I’m dead. People will want to hurt you. BLAH BLAH BLAH.” She’s warning her that she’s extremely powerful, and that “I should have told you.” Great job mom, she feels so comforted by this letter.

End scene with creepy children music again. Is this going to happen every week? Joy.

So this pilot was amazing. I will definitely watch it every week. I can’t wait to see how they go on with the story. At this point I have no predictions of what will happen. A+ Kevin. You are awesome.