OUAT 2×01: “You found us..”

Once Upon a Time season two finally premiered last night and i’m so glad it’s finally back on. The premiere was full of long lost family member reunion hugs, happy tears, dementors, and a very hot Josh Dallas being called Grandpa.  I’m still in the aftershock of it all!!

It starts off with a man in NYC making his way to his apartment and all the street signs and objects in his room are clues. Why I love writers Adam and Eddie so much, they put little clues in everywhere. When the mystery man tries to close his window from the rain, a honing pigeon drops a post card in his hands and then we see it says: “Greetings from Storybrooke!” Maybe this man couldn’t get into Storybrooke before, because of the curse. Now that Emma has broken it, I’m certain we’ll see him very soon.

Off in FTL two men on horseback go to a land that we haven’t seen before and try and save a princess. The man goes over to the princess and kisses her, making her wake up! We realize that this is Prince Phillip ( Played by the totally hot British Julian Morris) and he has awaken Princess Aurora (Played by Sarah Bolger)

Back in Storybrooke, Snow and Charming are still together (THANK GOD.) and run off to find out what happened.  Snow and Charming find Ruby, Granny, and the 7 dwarfs and they have a hug fest that makes me want to run around and hug random people. Snow tells them all that it’s time for her to find her daughter. Emma comes up behind them and and tells them: “So it’s true…”

Snow looks at her newly discovered daughter and simply says: “You found us…”


Charming, walks over to Emma and goes to hug her and as soon as he holds her, he realizes that it’s his daughter.


Henry: Grandpa?
David: I suppose so, kid.


Snow and charming try and talk to Emma, about everything, but Emma isn’t ready to talk about much yet. The Blue Fairy appears and tells everyone that magic has returned. But the question still remains, why are they still in Storybrooke? Suddenly a mob starts running down the street and Archie tells them that they’re going to kill Regina. Emma tells them that Regina’s not responsible for the curse, Gold is. If Regina has her powers, many people could die. They all run off to try and stop Regina.

When they all go to Regina’s they realize that she doesn’t have powers, and instead of killing her, they’ll lock her up to protect everyone and herself.

In FTL Phillip’s guard sees something and BAM up pops out of the ground a dementor!! Okay, it’s not a dementor, but it’s a cousin of one!! Phillip tries to kill the thing and only slices off its necklace. Phillips guard tells them that they should leave the land and luckily they didn’t get marked by the creature named Wraith. Aurora asks who the guard is and then we discover that he is a she, named Mulan. Aurora is put off by her being a girl but doesn’t make a big deal about it. When Aurora and Phillip go to leave, Phillip sees that the medallon marked his hand with the symbol and means that they wraith will come to kill him but hides it from Aurora. later, Phillip makes a camp and tells Aurora that hes going to get wood for a fire but when he walks off he sheds a single manly tear and im pretty sure he’s not coming back.

 In Storybrooke, Gold unlocks something from one of his chests and he pulls out the same medal the creature had on! He goes into the woods and uses his rumplestiltskin dagger and summons the wraith to Storybrooke. Gold goes to see Regina and brands her hand with the mark from the medallion. The mark means that she will suffer a fate worse than death. The wraith will come and find her and suck out her soul. Lovely.

I am actually feeling really bad for Regina, and I have no clue why.See as 30 mins ago I was cool with her leaving or dying. I blame Henry and him being all “She’s still my mom” telling them not to kill Regina.

Emma, David, and Mary Margaret get ready to go to Golds but Mary Margret asks Emma if she’s even happy that she found them and that MM wants to talk to Emma, because they’ve talked before but not knowing who they really were.

Emma tells them that of course shes glad she found them, but for 28 years she was alone. Mary Margaret tells her that she did it to give her, her best chance or she would have been cursed. Emma tells them that even though she would have been cursed, they would have been together. If Emma isn’t ready to be their child, I volunteer. Look how happy they are. Josh Dallas can hug me any time.

When they get to Golds, Emma demands to know why Gold tricked her. Gold being a smart evil genius says that she got what she wanted and that he brought magic back. Suddenly Storybrooke starts shaking and exploding and a dementor  Wraith starts flying around. Emma, MM, and Charming all leave to try to get somewhere safe.

Belle comes in and tells Gold that he lied to her. He twists words and hurts everyone. Not impressed by him, she decides to leave. Dude, what did you expect. I’d totally dump you.

In FTL Aurora notices that Phillip isnt back and Mulan tells him that he was marked by the wraith and that he’s going to die. Mulan tells Aurora that shes going to go find him and runs off. Aurora finds Mulan and tells her that shes going to help get Phillip back whether Mulan likes it or not. Phillips calls to the wraith and Mulan offers to sacrifice her life for his but he declines her offer. Aurora tells him that she can’t live with out him and he says he can’t either. He turns his head a little and says he loves you to Aurora and Mulan. The Wraith comes and kills Phillip.

In Storybrooke, Regina’s in her cells and the lights start flickering and the wraith goes in and attacks Regina. Mary Margaret’s Snow White side kicks in and the girl uses hairspray and a light to create a mini blow torch. The wraith leaves but it isnt dead. Regina and the family join forces to get the wraith and trap it in another world, so they use Jefferson’s hat.

Regina tries to get the hat to work while David tries and distracts the wraith. Regina cant get the hat to work, Emma puts her hand on Regina’s arm and suddenly the hat comes alive and the portal opens. Just as the wraith comes for Regina, Emma pushes her out of the way and the wraith goes in the portal. The wraith grabs on to Emma’s leg and pulls her in too. Mary Margaret screams and tells David she’s not leaving her again, and jumps in with her. David jumps to go into the portal but it closes just as he tries to jump in.

EXCUSE ME, WRITERS. YOU JUST SEPARATED THE BEST FAMILY EVER. 28 YEARS IS ENOUGH. Now his wife and daughter are gone AGAIN. Now Josh Dallas cues up the angry tears that i’m quite positive are worse than his sad tears. Leave the man alone.


David tells at Regina, asking if theyre alive and the man gets angry. We’ve never seen him angry and It’s hard to watch because the man is crying and did I mention its not fair. Give him his family back. Charming tells Regina he should have killed her when he had the chance, Regina suddenly has magic and pins Charming against the wall. EXCUSE ME, WHEN DID YOU GET MAGIC. Dont hurt him. His face is the moneyyyyy!

Regina tells him that she should have killed him when she had the chance. Regina just as she is about to kill Charming by pulling his already crushed and family adandoned heart, Henry asks her what shes doing.

Henry tells his mom that if she truly does love him that he needs to leave the whole town and himself alone, Regina asks who henry is going to live with and David says he’ll live with him.


Belle goes back to see Gold. He tells her that he shouldnt be with her. He’s still a monster. She tells him that’s  exactly the reason she’s staying, to help him.

David and Henry get back to Mary Margarets place and Henry, sad, stares at the picture of Emma and MM. David tells Henry that he’ll get them back. “I will find them. I will always find them.”

In FTL Mulan tells Aurora that there are more evil things in the land and that they have to find there way to the save haven. Before they leave, they hear something rustling under the rubble. When they go over to the debris, Aurora asks Mulan what was hiding. Mulan tells her that its the reason Phillip is dead. The wraith brought it with it. ITS NONE OTHER THAN MARY MARGARET AND EMMA.

I hope everyone enjoyed Last nights episode. Who do we think the mystery guy at the beginning is? Will Emma and Mary Margaret make it back to Storybrooke?



OUAT 1×21: “An apple red as blood”

OUAT 1×21: Apple as red as blood.

THE SEASON FINALE IS TONIGHT. SOMEONE HOLD ME. I can’t believe the show is almost over with season one. I feel like just yesterday I sat down watching it, ready to laugh because it was some show about fairytales. I WAS SO WRONG. It is my favorite show now. Also I haven’t recapped the last two episodes because I’ve been so busy. But don’t worry, I’ll be writing them in a week or so!

Okay so this week starts off with Regina and Henry eating dinner and Henry giving Regina. While eating, they’re interrupted by someone at the door. Regina opens the door to see Emma.

Regina asks why Emma is there. Emma says that Henry invited her, but she’s not there for Henry. Henry appears with rope and Emma and her kick butt posse (Snow, Charming, Grump, Red, Granny, Jiminy, and Henry) take her and tie her up to an apple tree.


Mary Margaret/Snow: You took our love, and ripped it apart.

David/Charming: and now you’re going to pay!


Emma grabs an apple and crushes it with her hand, and the apple turns to rotten nasty goo. Because she’s kick butt like that. Regina tries to plea with Henry, and get him to save her but Henry throws Regina under the bus and I love Henry even more. Charming WHILE STILL HOLDING SNOW’S HAND, BECAUSE THEY NEVER NEED TO LET GO AGAIN pulls his sword out and gives it to Emma.

Emma: you took away our happiness. Now it’s time to take away yours.



Emma goes to kill Regina… AND THE WOMAN WAKES UP BECAUSE THIS WAS ALL A WONDERFUL DREAM. I mean, nightmare cause she didn’t die.

Regina, paranoid from her nightmare, goes and checks on Henry to make sure he’s not hiding, ready to pop out and kill her or something. Regina sees that he’s asleep in his room and she goes back to bed. Okay, even I can tell that there’s no kid in that bed. Henry is like three feet tall, and adorably small. Those ten thousand pillows aren’t obvious.

Henry is kidnapped decides to go with Emma because he wants to live with his mom instead of Regina. I don’t know why some people don’t like Henry. He only wants to break the curse and live with his mom and grandparents!

Henry sees that all Emma’s stuff is in the back and realizes that they’re leaving right then and there. Henry is not happy and tells Emma to stop the car. That they can’t leave Storybrooke because Emma needs her parents to remember each other, PLEASE LORD has to stop the curse.

Henry tells Emma that she has to help everyone and she’s the only one that can give everyone a happy ending. Emma doesn’t listen to Henry, so this kid grabs the steering wheel and makes the car swerve and stop. TEAM HENRY!

Henry yells at her saying she has to save them all, him, her parents. They all need her. Someone hand me a tissue?

Off in FTL Charming captured by the kings men, Adopted daddy tells him how ungrateful Charming was, that he gave him a home, and just had to run off and find true love.

Look at Josh Dallas and his leather pants and jacket. WOO!!! Anyway…


Adopted daddy sends him to the guillotine. DON’T KILL HIM. HE’S TOO PRETTY TO DIE.

Right before the blade chops his pretty head off, the blade turns to water and in walks regina.

I’ll say it one time and only one time. THANK YOU, REGINA.

Regina makes a bargain with adopted daddy saying that she’ll make him suffer and destroy him by getting rid of Snow White.

Adopted daddy agrees to this and Charming is moved to Regina’s castle.

In Storybrooke, Regina goes to her tree in her backyard and sees that her apple is dying just like her dream she had.

Regina runs off to Gold’s store and asks why her tree is dying and how she can get rid of Emma. Permanently. She says that clearly Emma is making the curse weaken.

Gold tells Regina that if she kills Emma, then the curse is broken. He made the curse that way but won’t tell Regina why he did. I really want to know why he made it that way, myself. Maybe it has to do with his son, Bae?

Since there’s only a small bit of magic left that Regina has, she decides to find a new way. Regina tries to get gold to help, but he wants nothing to do with her. Gold tells Regina that if the spell is broken, and people remember what she did to them all, they’ll be out looking for blood.

Regina stops by the school and puts a rabbit playing card on Paige aka Grace’s (Jefferson’s daughter) bike.

Emma goes back home and Mary Margaret turns into mad mama mode and I’m totally rooting  her on. MM tells her that she wasn’t sure she’d even left, that when MM ran away, they “had to stick together. They’re family.”

MM asks about Henry, and Emma tells her she took him with him:

MM:“You abducted him?”

Emma: “Maybe.”

MM: “Now that sounds like a stable home. What the hell is wrong with you?”



She yells at her some more and tells Emma that she’s reverting into the person that she was when she got to Storybrooke. MM tells her that now she has to do the right thing for henry. Emma asks what that is and MM tells her.\

MM: “I don’t know. You tell me. You’re his mother. So you figure it out.”


I love this lady.

In FTL Snow and the gang team up to go save Charming. EVEN THE AWESOME FAIRIES HELP!!! Red asks Snow why the queen is doing all this to her. She says that she destroyed the Queens happiness. Now she’s destroying Snow’s.

Regina stops by charming’s cell and tells her that she isn’t going to kill Snow, she has a better punishment. She shows him the poisoned apple and walks out, leaving him in his cell.

In Storybrooke, Regina is staring at her tree, still worried.


Regina makes a deal with Jefferson again. (Because this hot fool doesn’t learn the first two times.)

Regina brings out his hat, and tells them theyre going to take one last trip to FTL. Regina says that he’ll get Paige back,  as soon as he helps her. DON’T DO IT.

(I’ll finish this very soon.) 🙂